Sunday, September 30, 2012

What? Are you talking to me??

Bassy is always curious about what might be going on.  It hopefully has to do with small minnows being dropped into his tank.  He is super fun to watch.  He follows you around as you do your work.  K~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Scaly poses

Francis chillin'
Francis checkin things out
Perdi... What?
Bob is finally on the outside of his mesh.  Hi Bob!
David with Medusa

Sam posing with with Mazey.  


Friday, September 21, 2012

Gleep and Gloop

This is Gleep and Gloop from the Herculoids.  
They were my inspiration for my name of our 2 newest members of the zoos. 
 This is Gleep.
This is Gloop.  
They are African clawed frogs.  K~

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Jupiter and Lizzy

Cora and Jupiter
Jupiter cleaning himself
Lizzy and Jupiter
Lizzy and Jupiter
Well there they are.  Lizzy looks a bit silly photographed.  She looks a bit like a cow.  They are very very sweet.  They are a bit jumpy and need to get used to us.  But mostly they really like to be held a lot. K~

Sunday, September 09, 2012

NOW..... I am ready for some football

I suffered through hand and wrist pain to make this simple little mascot outfit for Cheese.  I am ready for the Broncos game.  I have the wall paper and the mascot and my hometown girl in Aurora Colorado helpin me out this year!! Thanks Nancy!!  Pey Pey will do great this year.... he just has to!  K~

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why not!

So I finally went to the doctor for my very sore foot. I know I had Plantar Fasciitis.  I just knew it!  After taking xrays to make sure I didn't have a stress fracture.  I got the diagnosis.  So add another ailment to my list.  I am waiting for one more test on something else, and then I am going to take a rest and try and heal the following:
Occipital Neuritis
Plantar Fasciitis
Pinched Nerve in Neck
Recovery from Carpal Tunnel surgery
Tennis elbow in elbow in both elbows

Is that it??? Well that will be enough for now. K :) 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Myotis and the Napoleon Complex


The subject of tonight's brief discussion is the Myotis bat.  I have cared for these beautiful very small critters were I work, on several occasions.  I must admit that compared to Big Brown bats, these little guys like to play it up big.  They like to let me know who is boss. They make me feed them each and every last one of their 10 meal worms.  One doesn't like the heads of the meal-worms the other one doesn't like the butts.  They bite at everything, flap their wings and even try and fly out of the cage. Something I have never had a Big Brown bat do.  They hide and then come out and then hide and then come out and this goes on until I take their cover away from them until they are done eating.  I feel like they are just stamping their feet and yelling  at me the entire time about the disdain over my mediocre job I am doing.  Therefore, I have diagnosed these beautiful  creatures with the Napoleon complex or as I like to refer to it as the "little man syndrome" 
Napoleon complex: n 
Definition: the condition of being small in stature but aggressively ambitious and seeking absolute control.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

1st Day of "Normal"

My mom left at 6 am, Sam left at 8, Cora and David are getting ready to leave in 25 minutes.  Then I lie down for a couple of hours.  After that, the "normal" schedule begins anew.  I have had a wild couple of weeks, but I am going to be ready for the task that is "home" by Noon today :) K~

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I don't understand how to work this blog!

I have been trying to blog with out hassle.  I find this new format frustrating an therefore, I don't seem to blog much.  For example, I tried to blog the same thing twice, and it looked really dumb.  Then, it got lost, then, I got frustrated and stopped.  So I will do it again... sigh.

Getting a firm grasp on reality

Before I get started....I suppose I need to understand the definition of reality before I get a grasp on it.  I like #2 however, I think it will be hard to grasp something that is not actually there.  

re al i ty (ree-al-i-tee)

noun, plural 

1. the state of quality of being real.

2. resemblance to what is real. 

3. a real thing of fact.

4 real things, facts or events taken as a whole: state of affairs