Monday, June 30, 2008

I thought the pool table was big!!

OK. I thought that the pool table that Rick dragged down the steps last summer when I was innocently in Chicago at a PC convention. Rick literally tore up the steps to the basement to get it down the stairs. It is truly one half of our basement. No, you can't play pool the normal way with cues, but we have a pool table!!
Then this summer there was talk of a pool. I said "where in the world are we going to put this large 15' pool??"
Well here goes the photo documentary of me, again, being out numbered in our house......
maybe Bing is on my side after all....

this morning.... 7 hours+ of filling

My thoughts.... "Oh it's only THAT big! sheesh."


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bird food

This is Squirt aka bird food. This little one is quite feisty. We put some minnows in it's home for it to live with. Seconds later it bit both their heads off. Ooops. K~

Friday, June 27, 2008


I feel like my parenting is like Chutes and Ladders. Roll the dice and have a random cube determine the type of day, child reaction or over all experience one is going to have. Sheesh!
And on the other hand, I feel like my parenting has been a constant replay of "Ground Hogs Day".
What's up with that?
Anyway...... 63 days until school starts again. (Yes I am counting!)

The Mighty Miss

Monday Rick and I took a canoe trip on the Mighty Mississippi. We were seeing how Bing would do in the canoe. Rick is determined to take him to the BWCA in August. SO.... we are working with Bing to make sure he does not tip us over. I didn't much appreciate trying this out on this huge brown murky large fish infested river, but it was successful!
Of course we were both fishing and Rick happened to catch a Walleye and me... NOTHING... It is par for the course with us.
It is really hard to photograph in a canoe. Especially if one is extremely scared of tipping! So, the photos are a bit off. Here is Bing not tipping us over.
Then a short trip up a large winding river band path and we were on our way home.
I enjoy canoeing. This shot reminds me of the many trips and days we spent at the BWCA. I am kind of (only kind of) looking forward to the trip with the family. Too much room for error!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3 ducks in a row

I had an interesting night at "work". The usual animals. Just many more of them. There were 10 pigeons in a flight cage. One landed on my butt when I was filling the water dish. That was kind of funny.
The Swan was still there. He was hissing and leading the parade. But it was funny, at one point when I was just starting to fill one of the pools, the 3 mallards were lined up facing it. I could have put a board up to their beaks and they would have been in a perfect line. They were just staring at the pool. What must have they been thinking?
The most interesting part of the night was when I was in the infamous Ward D. The usual people were gone, so I had a lot of the helpers from the squirrel ward. 2 were from Brazil? One spoke very little English the other none! It was a very interesting night with them "helping" me. I had to basically interpret the food list to the guy, who then translated it to the girl, and then, I just ended up doing most it for him. The other 4 ladies were a great help. They at least spoke my language. It was an odd feeling to be the "expert" in Avian care.

Oh yes, I did NOT scream tonight. That was a first!
I wore my fashion boots and even got a compliment!

And in case you needed to know, there is a nation wide mealworm shortage. K~

More Flower Pins

I finished a few more flower pins yesterday. I am going to add a few more to ETSY. Then, I may just pin the rest to one of my purses I crocheted.
These are the ones I had already done.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gull Lake photo story

Ramses knows how to relax
Go Carts!
Mountain Goat Bing
Mommy and daughter time
Regular boatin' dog
Fishing Fishing Fishing
The annual Fire works show....Compliments of Mike...hope he has enough.
I am considering this for my new and fresh Pampered Chef shows this summer.
We made a watermelon boat with fruit and then Rick had this fantastic idea!
Bing did not like the show and hid with S, who missed it due to sleepiness.
My Godson with his batting helmet on backwards.
A dragon fly molted in my nephews sandal. Neat! The skin is on the right.
Open at 5:03??
C and D tubing.
No Bingy, no boat ride this time.
The family boat ride.
A birds nest that put an end to tennis. 1 foot from the course.
Minnow races. D won!
Mike in his official fishing garb. Attractive.
My honey!
2 girls shopping at the lodge.
C and D together in the lake. 9 PM.

Oh my, who is this? Little Squirt. A new member of our turtle family. I call him Bird Food.