Friday, February 27, 2009

hard to be home

It's hard to be home. I worry so about what is going on done in AZ. I just need to be patient. I have been calling down there frequently. I am sure I will soon acclimate to being back. Communication is just challenging. Here are some more photos. K~
my favorite restaurant since I was very youngA lizard that lives in my mom and dad's yard.The warm blue skysome small blue flowers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

goin home

I am all checked in at the airport. I am at the Starbucks and having an iced Chai and surfing the web. YEAH!! I hate checking into the airport. after that is done, I feel much more relaxed. I took a few more shots today before I left. Here they are.
hummingbird in the tree - center left.

Monday, February 23, 2009

enjoying a bit of the beauty

It was 88 degrees here today. Not complaining. More noticeable than the heat, was the beautiful blue sky and sunshine. Just what I needed. I have not been able to do much but be with my mom and dad. My dad is still in the hospital, so I am going to be coming home on time, at this point, on Wednesday. All of these photos were taken on my walk around the block at my mom and dads house. Just super neat. The 4th photo has a hummingbird on the top of the cactus. It was so cool to see it just sitting there. If you look carefully at the Huge prickly pear cactus, the 3rd photo, you can see a couple of heart shaped lobes. K~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

finally got out a bit

I finally got a chance to get out a bit. I took a ton of photos of the neat vegetation around here. It is so nice here and I am enjoying the weather. Today it was 75 degree. These are photos I was able to take. I will upload a few more tomorrow. This is a goose at my the lake my walks around. They call it tosslehead
Here is an adorable water turtle.
Absolutely my favorite plant here. The new spike imprints on the old spike next to it.
So you see these neat patterns.
Here is another photo.This is a neat palm tree. I want one of these. K~

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5

This project was inspired by 2 things, my 2D class in college and my friend from Ravelry's "State Fair Afghan". I used many colors to finish it. It was kind of fun to make and even more fun to photograph in the warm Arizona sun.

OOOO.....Sunny plants!!! I can hardly wait for spring! It is so nice and sunny here!

All cozy with Heidi. We like to cuddle.

Stuffed animals that came with me. White dog is C's. Bird is D's. and the lizard is S's. K~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Speachless in Arizona

(didn't take this one)
Day 2 comes to a close and I am speechless. I have no voice. I have been to Walgreen's today to get antibiotics. So far, I have seen the airport, the VA hospital, Luby's restaurant, Village inn restaurant, and Walgreen's pharmacy. sigh. K~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I made it

Well I am here. I got in at about 10 PM and was able to chat with my dad on the phone. I am up now and needing to play tug of war with the dog Heidi. My hand is sore from her pulling on it so much. I am all technologied up for this trip. Got my mp3 player (d's), my laptop with my at&t wireless connector.. ging ging, my new upgraded cell phone with the most annoying ring, my wireless mouse, and my digital camera with a connector cord so I can download photos as soon as I take them. Oh yes, and a regular notebook and pen. I also, have many many crafts. More later. K~


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Kalahari

We made it to our 2nd annual Kalahari visit. It was very enjoyable. The kids had a super time. We did not share the sad news until this morning, when we were safe at home. God is an awesome God. That's all I have to say. So far he has given me the strength to carry on. He has provided moments for me to keep in touch with our neighbors with out feeling too intrusive, which, is a fear of mine. My dad is doing "ok" and I am anxious to get down there. My mom is tense as can be expected. I am looking forward to seeing how things are with my own eyes.
C had a great idea to climb on this rope thing. Rick and S joined her. It looked a i too scary for me. They made it though. phew. Then C wanted to see the "Flare bartenders" at a restaurant. So here they are my 3 precious cherubs bellied up to the bar! We were hoping that a glass would not hit them so we would have to explain that one. It was very short and very entertaining. Just fancy juggling with bottles.We topped the evening off with"Chocolate Insanity" I wish you could have heard our sweet waitress. We couldn't remember the name, so, she said...."Chocolate Insanity? I'll punch that in." It was funny and a family phrase from the weekend.
Of Course there was swimming. I even went down 2 slides. I know!!
Here's M. She is so adorable. We gave her a candy bracelet for Valentine's day. She figured out how to work that and finished it in a flash. later she tried one of her flower buttons. OOPS. I feel kind of bad about corrupting her.
The hill billy Walsh family must have been good, because we have been invited back for a 3rd year. It is now on our calender.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still sad

My dad is having scheduled colon cancer surgery this morning. Please keep him and us in your prayers.

It has been a rough 24 hours. The kids don't know about their neighbor yet. We are going out of town tomorrow morning for a "fun" weekend at a water park. We didn't want them to be upset the entire time. I have a HUGE stress headache. Have had it for about 3 days. It is not going to get better soon, I fear. It's icky and gray here. I just keep looking over towards our neighbors house. The boys bedroom faces our dining room. I am so sad. K~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So sad

Our little next door neighbor passes away tonight. Please keep the family in your prayers.
We are so very sad.
He just loved Pingu. K~

Monday, February 09, 2009

Going a little nuts

Vintage Vertical Stripe pillow.
Well I am going a bit crazy. There is a lot going on for me in the next few days. We are off to the Kalahari in Wisconsin on Thursday. It is a long weekend at a water park. Luckily there is not much for me to do there but sit and read and craft. Then 2 days later it is off to Arizona for 9 days. My dad has surgery on Wednesday this week for Colon Cancer and I am going to be there for the first part of recuperation. That means getting my family ready for that too!! Then.... In April, I get to be a nanny for this little fella in New York for 5 days. Sprinkle in 3 birthday parties, volunteering, Parenting class, Montessori Connections group, my zoo, and what ever else.....well..... I am going to be a bit busy. I feel blessed, however, that I am able to be helpful. K~