Thursday, February 28, 2013

Squeaky clean

So it was time for me to get everyone squeaky clean.  It took me over a 2 day span to clean 120 gallons of water, but don't they look HAPPY!!  Now it's the land animals.  Then lastly, it is my farms.  Then we start over again. Oh yes, and Perdi and Francis got a scrub a dub too! K~   
Large fish - fish tank
Small fish - fish tank
Turtle tank
Hello friend
Turtle up close
 African Clawed Frogs and goldfish tank
African Clawed Frogs and goldfish tank
 Francis and Perdi after a bath.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Brain Fog Tours

Well I think I am going to start a new business.  

I am going to call it "Brain Fog Tours" 

 Essentially it is going to be a company that is set up for those people
 who want to tour the cities but would like to see what ever area they happen upon.  
That's where I come in.  
I start out with a plan and then my brain fog will happily take us to places we don't intend on going.  Fortunately, I am able to get close enough to our destination, in order to get us home.  
Tours will have to have an open end time, due to the Quaint selling point of the "lost" feeling you will have.  
I go on these "tours" quite frequently.  Mostly when I am trying to get from Bloomington to home or from Blooming to Roseville.  I totally know how to get there, but somehow, I end up at these places like I have just awakened, and I am like "Oh,  now how did I get here?"  I then have to get my barrings and find a new direction to my destination.   

Today it brought me to a whole new road I have never been on before.  I didn't even know it existed.  It was a road that ran along Hwy 77 by the MOA.  It ended up coming out right at the road I wanted to be on anyway.  Yeah.  But it doesn't always work out so good.  One time I was trying to get to Roseville from Bloomington, and I went by far the longest way around.  It took me forever!  

So, "Brain Fog Tours"  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  
You'll see sites that are even new to the driver!!  


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

One Day At A Time

So for the past few months I have been living, for the most part, one day at a time.  It hasn't been easy at times, but I have been doing it.  The furthest worry I have had, is the following day, and let's be honest, my root canal.

Starting this journey, I never thought it was going to be easy.  As a matter of fact, I thought it was going to be harder than it has been.

Time marches on.  No matter how we try it will keep going.  I would like to experience some of it.  When I worry, I am some where else.  I am a sea, drifting in thought.  I don't fully experience conversation, entertainment, relaxation, etc.

I am a novice at this.  With all things, sadly there are good and bad.  Taking one day at a time does not mean one can ignore what is coming up or what has gone on in the past.  For me, it just means that for that day, I need to deal with it the best I can for that day.  I still need to plan.  I still need to rethink what has gone on.  I still need look forward to events upcoming.

For me, I struggle most with guilt.  Guilt is huge for me.  I feel lazy.  Sitting in my chair "resting" I feel useless. I know I need to do this.  If I don't, I am no good for the rest of the day, evening, or possibly the following day or week.  But still, I feel I should do more, could do more.

I keep to my plan.  I keep to one day at a time.  I rejoice in the days I am given with out a lot of pain or fatigue.  There are many. That makes me happy.  I work through the days with pain, like today,  as best I can.  They are there.  Quite often.  But since I don't know how long they will be around I just keep going.
One day at a time.