Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Puff Bathing... I do love this animal!!

Buried under the pile of Laundry!

Yes, I have emerged from the piles and piles, only to be driven back under them. I am still around and still kicking. At what I don't know. I am just randomly kicking about. There is so much to do and I will never get it all done.

Each day feels like "Ground Hogs Day" (the movie) and yet, it always turns out MUCH different then I had in mind.

I have been trying to enjoy my crafting. I have so many ideas in my head floating around, for gifts. I have such little time to do much of it....Not to mention that both my arms, hands, and fingers go numb immediately and I need to stop and straighten them out for a while. I also have to work with a 7 year old boy on my lap, blocking my view. While, I need to help my 9 year old with her math and writing homework, while playing skateboard men with my 4 year old. All, of course, while sitting in the corner of my small TV room enjoying Pokemon.

If this sounds like a good time. Please let me know. Have a great day. They are ALL at school!! (until Noon)


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going overboard again

Puff is angry about the peas. Where's the super worms!!

I wish that somewhere on our body, we had one of those pop up thermometers that Thanksgiving Turkeys have!! I don't know why, at almost 40, I just don't see my overboardness "sneaking" up on me. I used to say " I don't need a brick to fall on my head to get it, I need the entire house" Well, that insight came at 26. I am now 39!!! I really have not adjusted to that revelation much.

I overdo it in almost everything in my life. If I am lazy, even, I am a complete SLUG! I get signs alright, but who do I think those signs are for?? Obviously they are not me?? The stiff neck. The pain shooting from my shoulder, through my teeth, into my brain? The over eating, Over not eating, Over sleeping, Over up at 4:30 AM working, Over cleaning, Over ignoring cleaning, Stepping Over junk, Grinding my teeth, blowing like a volcano, playing a computer game so many times, I don't even remember starting it. Need I go on. The signs are everywhere. I guess that makes me either deaf, blind, dumb or all of the above. I love to blog, but feel it may be too boring for people to read about my daily struggles with my life in a match box house, like it is stuffed with that inflatable shaving cream foam that just keep expanding and coming out of can, minutes after you stopped squeezing it! If I clean an area, I can literally turn around, and it will be dirty, messy, cluttered or all of the above. I HAVE BEEN DECLUTTERING!!!! Where does it all come from!

There, I got that off my chest. K~

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A week has passed

I can't believe it has been a week since I have gotten a chance to work on my blog. I still have such little time to get any thoughts down today. I voted! That was a very empty and hopeless feeling. Wow, there is just not much to choose from out there! I got little David to school! That was a task in and of it's self. Now my day will be filled with doing this and that to "catch up". I will try and put a happy photo on the blog so maybe I can cheer myself up! K~