Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love these

Ok, not a huge shoe shopper. But I LOVE these shoes. I want them really bad. Not gonna do it, but I can look right?? They are $96 on Sale!! That is about 10 times more than I can spend on shoes. But wow are these cute! K~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Still Crafting. This is a yarn pull container I made on the trip. It took hours. I have to finish the clasp. I have not used it but I hope it is helpful.
I have to volunteer in some way at TCA, Coras new school. I am going to put a Yarn class syllabus together and present it. I hope it flies, because, I would not like to do office work for free.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The new school year

Heading out for the new school year. C, D & S started their new school year. It is hard to believe that C has been going since the 1st and the boys since the 7th. I am still behind on life, but am slowly catching up. Ironing the mans clothes today. Washing and putting away all the other clothes. Creating baby gifts for a baby born in late August. K~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In my own little bubble

I had lunch with some terrific girls yesterday.

You know who you are Bobbi, Kristi and Cassie :-)

I really felt honored to be invited to the pow wow at the French Meadow.

Thanks girls.

In thinking about the day, I find that I really do enjoy others company. But I always find myself in my own little bubble of home. I don't even go outside much anymore.

Sure, what I say is very true.

I HATE the mosquitoes. They find me anytime, any place, no matter who I am with.

I get super nervous talking to people. I am always sure they don't like me much. (odd, but true)

I do like it inside, but more and more, I like editing my communication.

Kristi was wearing a back space key on a cute necklace she made at the junk bazaar. It really wrapped up my communication style. I have for quite some time, loved being able to use spell check, back space, cut and paste functions. When your "out there" it of course is not possible to do that. Then, I just look dumb.

Just a thought for the day.


Friday, September 17, 2010


There comes a time when a person just needs to make money. I have been WELL past that time. I have decided to try ETSY again, but, we know how hard it is to sell on that. I am still looking for J..O..B. Not super easy with all we have going on. But, I know it has to be possible. K~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where am I??

What just happened. I feel like I am in a weird fog. I have been doing domestic stuff for the past day and a half. I have just been wondering if I will ever remember our "vacation" or this summer in general. Sheesh!! This is a black bear we saw. Cora got this shot with her camera. Nice job! K~

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Renaissance Festival

Fun day at the Renaissance Festival. Full day of dressing up and eating food.
It ended with a beautiful sunset. K~

Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor day

Made Puff this cowboy hat on the trip. Then I realized he didn't have "a top of a head" He was about as happy as the photo shows, to wear it.
Moonscape over somewhere in Montana

Glacier view

I am hanging in there. I have had a very crazy busy few months. I feel a bit pulled in many directions. Kind of like taffy. I am ready to be taken off the puller and put in a nice plain wrapper and settle into a round glob.
Renaissance yesterday. 7 hours! I am a bit tired. Pictures to come later.
Mom and Dad are still here and will be until at least the 13th. Cora started a new school (Twin Cities Academy) on Wednesday. The boys start tomorrow. I have been up at 655 AM every morning, making coffee, setting the breakfast table for my mom and dad, doing dishes, clothes, cleaning up, etc.
Puff is doing fine. He is taking water and baby food sweet potatoes just fine by syringe. Today he gets to try his super worms.
Enough for now. Enjoy the pics. K~

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Puff has surgery

Well Little Old Puff had to have tail surgery today. I picked him up about 7:30 PM. He had some trauma to his tail and it was dying on the end. He needed it amputated to protect it from going up his tail to his legs or spine. He is resting in 85 degree temps on his towel. Tomorrow, I need to give him his pain meds and antibiotics. He is so adorable. I hope he gets better soon. K~