Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 Squares

Sea Shell
Georgia O'Keeffe Shell painting as inspiration
South Dakota '09
Thread from Lisa inspiration

Thursday, August 27, 2009


While in Wyoming we walked around Devil's tower. It is quite impressive. Even though I have walked around it 2 times now, I feel like the best view is from afar. I just stare at it and try and imagine how it looked like with a mountain around it.

Off to South Dakota. We drove 6 hours on forest roads. 6 hours on rocks and grass is a long time. I don't know how the wagons did it. No wonder the settlers just stopped and lived in the middle of nowhere. I would have!!

We took a family horse ride. It was a nice ride. My butt hurt from the moment I got on, but got better after it went numb. S was a wild man on his horse. Rick looked like he was going to slump off the horse anytime. C looked like a pro. D looked a little mushy and I looked like humpty dumpty on the wall.

We visited the mammoth site. SUPER SUPER neat! Just baffling! These are huge animals. Liked the tour!


Here I am again. Picture retake. Same smile but a bit rounder!! Does this photo look somewhat familiar!
At least it may be quiet in here!!
Oh much better!! :-)

Golden eagle... the one we actually saw. Looked at it for minutes and then it flew away!
This is what golden eagles look like.
Saw a badger pulling a smashed dead thing off the road! I don't think I have ever seen a wild badger before. Super cool!

One of the most memorable moments was when we were on the 6 hour back roads trip in the black hills forest. Many many many cows on the road. Then we came upon a group of cows on the road again. As we weeded are way through them carefully, we came upon a mom that was nursing her calf in the middle of the road. Mom walked slowly away as the calf insisted on trying to nurse. Very cute.

Oh just a cow note. While driving into a group of cows, "teenage" cows will scamper away every time. Adult cows will stand and stare. "20 year olds" move away slowly. Just an FYI!! K~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leg one - North Dakota

Rick in the back of the truck in a little space he carved out for himself. Looks can be deceiving, this was the best place in the truck!

Where did the road go?
The James River

Trees along the James

Ramses in the sun :-(

well here we are in Dickinson North Dakota. It's been a long long day. Starting yesterday at 11 am. I was off to the vet for some help for Ramses who had taken a turn for the worst over night. After I was home to get ready to leave for the trip, it was 3 PM. We left the house at 8:30 PM and the cities by 9 PM. Then the sleepless uncomfortable night began. By 6 am this was the scene at "Shea Walsh" or as we liked to call it "hotel shmotel" or "savings" We headed out and things went well. it was a long hall across North Dakota, but beautiful, at this point, Ramses was doing very well again, things were looking up. After stopping at a truck stop to do some of my farming and to collect ourselves after a long long uncomfortable night. We headed out on the road and stopped for lunch at Tower City. It was a nice little city park, but the toilet was, well, too disgusting for words. It made us move on quickly. By the time we reached our next bigger stop for gas, Ramses had passes. She/he was in the warm sun in the window, with me petting her. she didn't seem to suffer. I am sad to night but a bit a relieved for her.

Now we are at a hotel with a water park. I am in the hotel room getting ready for an in room Jacuzzi. and I am catching up on some alone time that I need on a regular basis.

I also have my boyfriend Clint Eastwood on TV.

I got some nice photos of some North Dakota landscapes.
We also followed the good old James for a bit. K~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The usual?

I know that I have really gotten used to my job with the animals, when I don't think twice about going in with the animals. I am in a small flight cage outside with pigeons. They fly so close that their wings blow my hair like a fan. I don't worry about poop on my hair or clothes, I just assume I have it on me, However, they don't usually leave a "gift" for me.
I was joking with one of the animal care givers. If a squirrel is to get 3 nuts, she makes sure that she doesn't just use 3 nut pieces, but gathers enough pieces to make what would be an entire nut. So last night, I noticed that while I gathered the frozen crickets to feed the ducks and turtles, I was collecting cricket parts, legs and bodies enough to make sure the animals got 5 entire crickets. Only then did I realize I was being just like Becky with the nuts. I had to laugh.
Not too many stories about my night, but, sometimes I just realize that I am getting used to the sights, sounds and smells of the entire experience. It was very special for me to share my place of work with Bobbi. Thanks Bob for enduring that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bobbi's visit

I can't believe that the visit is over. It is Monday night and I am sitting here with Cookie and the kids watching Scooby Doo. Bob could not get enough of Cookie. But then who could. I find her a bit panicky and it tends to stress me out a bit, but she is a cutie. I enjoyed fresh from the back 40 garden South Dakota Tomatoes.... YUMMY!! This is a summer favorite of mine I made up: Tuna Fish, Mayo, Caesar Dressing, salt, pepper, tomatoes and noodles. Sometimes I add Avocado and roasted read peppers. MMMMMM...Thanks BOB. Oh I also forgot to photograph my awesome gift I got from Bob for my birthday. I will do that very very soon! NEATO and useful too :-)
I am now in full PC show and Week long Vacation mode. I need to be ready for both by Thursday. We are leaving Saturday ( I think) North Dakota Bad Lands to Black Hills South Dakota to South Dakota Badlands to Sioux Falls ( Bobbi's and Hobby Lobby :-))to home. It should be "fun" got the speakers working on the Laptop so that is GREAT!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Meet Cookie

This is our new adoptee. Her name is Cookie and she comes with A LOT of stuff. She is sweet but kind of nervous now. Cookie is 5 years old and adorable. Bing is a bit pouty but doing fine.
An update on Ramses. He is doing a bit better, but not eating on his own. I need to force feed him baby food peas and squash. Puff gets baby food peas to balance his diet. He is none to happy either. As for this pose, It is very unusual. Ramses is never allowed near Puff, but Puff must know he is ill and is allowing him to lay on him. As of right now, they have been this way for 2 hours, and Ramses is sleeping. Very nurturing. K~

Monday, August 03, 2009

Birds of a feather

Had a fun time with this one. K~

Saturday, August 01, 2009


So my kids pooled their money and they got me this beautiful cake.
Oh my. It was too sweet!! K~