Monday, July 31, 2006



This is Pebbles. She is 2" long x 2 1/4 " wide. Kind of like me, but much much much smaller. She is a desert box turtle hatchling. I have had her since April 06 and she was born around September of last year. I can't believe that I finally got a photo up of her. She is in her water. She mostly hides all day and LOVES her meal worms. I can only feed her the worms every 3 days or so. She is so hard not to spoil. Enjoy that precious little face.

39 today!!

I am 39 years today.
It is kind of neat. I am not feeling too old yet.
Ask me tomorrow!
To clear up the photo I posted yesterday.
The littlest one is (was) pumpkin, the one hanging off the rock is (was) BB,
and the one in front bottom of the pack is (was) Peterson.
Maxwell is in the back.
Here are photos of Shelly.
She was previously named by original owner.
I would have names her Cleo, or tortoise, or Madam tri toe,
or something extremely regale.
But she seems to know her name,
so I call her shelly the 3 toed box turtle.
I am having troubles getting one of pebbles downloaded.
Maybe a photo a day for me.
I have 2 new arrivals coming tomorrow night.
One Russian tortoise and one water turtle.
Both adoptions.
I think that I will be done on Friday when
I take in Puff the Bearded dragon.
Another Adoptee that needs a loving home.
The last animals I will take in ( I hope) will be any baby turtle
net rescues in the fall.
I will then devote my time to turtle sculptures
both hand made by me and purchased. (much easier to care for)
Have a beautiful hot day.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Learning at 38...

My last day of being 38. It was a full and crazy year.
Lots of unexpected good things. More unexpected bad thing.
I feel that over all it was a learning year for me.
I hope now I can apply what I have learned.
I learned that lose is hard no matter how small your little friends are that go.
Run on little Peterson, Pumpkin and BB. I miss you.
I learned to listen better. I learned that listening is the key to relationships of any kind.
I learned that my body needs time to rest.
I learned that there are never too many crafts to enjoy doing, but you can't do them all at once!! I learned that raising humans is challenging but mostly rewarding.
I learned that raising turtles is quieter and less exhausting.
I learned that resting is not a waste of time.
I learned about government. More than I ever wanted to. But it was very interesting
and far far from where my brain has been able to travel in the last 9 years.
I learned that being me is enough, now I need to believe it.
I hope for my 39th year to be full of successful practices of what I learned.
Right now, however, I wish I could learn how to post a picture.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Home in the heat

It is so warm today. I am in the house with all 3 kids. Chores are hard to put on the top of the list. I am so excited for Maxwell. It turns out that the map turtle is a male. I think I wrote it was a female. But, he loves him anyway! We'll see how they do over night. I will post more photos as I can. I am working on my books too. I have been able to have some time to write and it has been nice. The last thing I am going to do is FREAK out on my 40 deadline. Although.... I am still aiming for it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My lonely little Maxwell

My lonley little Maxwell. He misses his beautiful partner Peterson (girl). He has a new friend today. We are testing out a 4 3/4 " Map turtle. He is already riding on her back. He used to ride Peterson like that. He loves her! It looks like he will have a new female partner by Tuesday. A 5" female is on the way. She should be ready to mate, so we will see if Maxwell is interested in her.

Shelly is going to get a friend too. Shelly is an adoption ( 7 year old 3-toed female box turtle).
We are getting a new adoptee, a 3 year old black Russian tortoise. (pictures to come soon, when I figure out how I did the picture of Maxwell. Pebbles a 2" desert box turtle is too little to join them yet, but she will.

So that will make 3 water and 3 land turtles. I do love my turtles. We miss the others, but we hope to have no more "turtle races" soon.

It is 98 degrees here in the cities. Stay cool.

Grammar and word semantics (and spelling) are everything!!!!

Ok my book is going to be WONDERFUL. It will be filled with things the average person can not understand like...................

Did you notice that I put down 3 topics and book titles, and then said, and I quote, "I have a lot of material on BOTH!!!!

These books I create ought to be RICH!

going to be 39

I am going to be 39 next week. Wow!

Now I am getting down to business working on my book by 40!! (Thanks to Martha's inspiration. Thanks.)

I have 3 ideas started and I am working on all of them.

Mexico trips - essays of my trips to Mexico with the family during the seventies and early eighties.

Turtles don't talk back - a memoir of a mom

E.C.F.E. (Early Childhood Family Education) - a thank you to a program that has helped me and my family for the last 9 years. Written as a child's book.

I am going to get one done.

I have plenty of material on both. Just not a lot of quiet sane time to work on it.