Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost in the forest of berries


EVERY TIME I go to Woodbury I get lost.  It is AMAZING!!

As a matter of fact, today I got lost in Vadnais Heights, then there's MINNEAPOLIS... I can't even count the months I have spent wandering the streets (IN MY CAR!!) thinking "why is every road in Minneapolis a one way going the same way?)

That brings me to my life as of recently...

1.   Oh this is funny, most of the people I know, which is about 3 or 4, know this one. I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. to see how deaf I really am.  He was in the room for about 3 minutes.  He said "Well you can think about this as your glass half empty and we can set you up with hearing aids today,  OR you can think of your life half full and just roll with it."  I said " Oh, I am not going to get $5000 hearing aids, I am going to get an ear trumpet and the double ear trumpets or cups.  These are far more affordable.

2.   So in the forest of berries... (What David called Woodbury when he was 4) I found out that I need glasses. No surprise.  I am blind as a mole rat.  I can't get the screen larger. I have already decided what glasses I want. 

                                                 Aren't they beautiful :) 

3.   Today I found out that I need Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my left hand...Sigh. Quite quickly, I might add. That goes down on June 15th.  I am off work for 6 weeks. But instead of well wishes from my boss, I get "I hope you don't lose your territory" ... Um.  So, I have to have surgery and I have to worry about losing my stores that I have worked on so hard... Nice.

4.  The other day I went food shopping.  I kid you not, almost everything I purchased, the cashier said, and I quote "Oh, I have to stop eating these, they are so fattening,", "Man, these are SO GOOD, I can't believe how bad they are for you." , "Man, I stopped drinking pop a long time ago, it is so unhealthy." , " Aren't these good, if only I could stop eating these, but I can't, here comes a few more pounds."  Yeah.  Can't wait to bring my stuff home, let alone pay for it. Thanks for that chat ma'am.

Must sign out, can't feel my left finger tips.  I am so happy for my high school typing classes.  At least I got this far.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mazey comfortably eating a mouse.

Before we left on vacation to Gull Lake in June, I needed to feed Mazey her mouse.  There was only one big problem, I was using her feeding cage for the crickets at the moment. What to do? I needed to feed her. Hum....I know, this time, I decided I would just see how she took to being fed while I held her. And boy she did not disappoint.  What a good girl. The videos are a bit long and very very amateur, but still quite amazing. k~

Monday, May 02, 2016

Three Ladies and One ROUND Gent

The Chickens get out a lot.  They love to ruin our yard and my beautiful plants.  This weekend however, they enjoyed a bit of pineapple.  I am so glad that Bing was able to keep a close eye on them and make sure they took care of eating it OK.  He is a very good chicken watcher.  
Just look how round he is.  My goodness. Well It seems the warm weather will hopefully improve everyone getting a bit better in shape. k~

Monday, April 11, 2016

Quail in a dress

Quailly likes his dress.  He was losing feathers on his lower region possibly from having a good time with his stuffed alien girlfriend.  You know, too much lovin....

He often would end up pushing his girlfriend for some reason under a hanging fish, which is a cat toy.  Ever since I have removed his girlfriend, I believe he thinks the fish ate his girlfriend.  He is so terribly mean to this hanging fish. He has successfully ripped it open and torn out some stuffing.

So onto the dress story...

So while I was concentrating on his lower half I soon noticed his chest was balding as well.  So I crocheted him a sweater, which he wore very unhappily for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.  I cut the neck part down and that made no difference.  I cut it looser, and still he had a tantrum.  SO..... I cut it off all together.

What to do?  I was digging through some very old barbie clothes I was either going to pass onto nieces and nephews or donate and came across the perfect smock.  The smock must have been for a doll that was NOT a barbie because it was the perfect size for Quailly.  I put it on him.  Of course fighting the whole time.  I loosely tied it around his neck and made sure his wings were free.  HE WHEN BONKERS!!! So yet again I took that off and I was a bit frustrated so I just said here ya go, have the dress.  I have to start all over on  my quest for a dress.

Shortly after i tossed the dress in his habitat he started picking at the dress and before I knew it he had put the dress on up side down.  So now it was on him like the cone of shame.  JUST LIKE THE CONE OF SHAME!  He started to prance around his habitat using fast feet with his dress on over his head.  He could see fine.  He hopped up on his poop deck on his pirate ship and looked at himself in the mirror. He hopped up and down and up and down. He does this at leas 15+ times a day, and I may be underestimating.

So now he is a bald quail that wares an upside down dress.  k~

Thursday, February 11, 2016

African Clawed Frogs

Well here are Gleep and Gloop, Not these Gleep and Gloop but my African Clawed Frogs!

Gleep is the darker one

      Gloop is the lighter one

     So Gleep on the left and Gloop on the right



 African Clawed Frogs are completely weird.  Kind of cute to watch, they have incredibly strong huge legs. and front legs just long enough to shove any and everything in their mouth.  When there happens to be a slight slip, They sound exactly like a sponge hitting the floor. It's only happened 3 times one on my watch. 2 while I was trying to adopt them.  Still funny!! K~

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Abe - The Whites Tree Frog

Well first I have to explain the name of this chubby "little" fella.  I had a hard time naming him.  ThenI got "smart".  The whites tree frog is Arboreal. Except when I was thinking about it I was thinking Aboreal. SOOoooo.... I think Aboreal - Abe makes sense right. Until I got used to that name in my head and I figured out, DUH... it's arboreal with an R so his name really doesn't make any sense
 Here is my pretty shiny Abe.

 That beautiful cricket eating face with golden eyelids.

 He wasn't so happy posing. 

 He allowed me a few more.

 He needed to rest between shots, but then gave me a few more good ones.

 Look at that leg. 

Look at those awesome fingers.  K~

Monday, January 11, 2016

Only a matter of time

It's only a matter of time before I find myself in one of these.  I have talked far too long about moving into a cabin way off the grid.  At first I wanted to be able to have the grid so I could keep connected to all that was in the outside world.   Now as I enter my 3rd year with this retched diagnosis and trying out how to fit in here and there.  I find looking at all the mistakes in my wakes just keeps getting harder.  Moving to a cabin in the middle of no where doesn't 
mean I am abandoning my family, my beloved children or anything,  It simply means their mom lives in a location where nature is all around them when they come and stay.  They will be welcome for as long as the wind tells them they should be there.  I figure a sturdy extra strong generator and an a nice even sturdier housing unit for it will keep me safe all year round. Provisions every 2 months.  My mule and myself will take a ride into a well apointed town to get all those things that are needed, including mail.  AAHHH.. I can't wait.  That is my dream, a place where me and my illness can hurt no more people.  A place where i don't have to come with instructions.  A place where the only one that is disappointed in me is me.  I can't wait.  I hope I get my chance really soon.  k~