Friday, December 27, 2013

A small Christmas moment in an unlikely place

So I was in Target on Monday and I needed to go use the restroom.  After hauling my cart of paid goods into the handicapped stall, I well, whatever.  A few moments later I heard 2 little voices enter. Shortly, one of them started to sing.  Her choice was "Jingle bell rock".  Quickly after the second voice chimed in.  I couldn't see them, for obvious reasons, but I guessed their age around 8 or so.  The most surprising part... all of a sudden I here a recorder playing along.  The song ended.  They leave.  I leave.  I never see them.  What a wonderful little surprise!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's that time of the year again.

New Years goals I DID accomplish:


(keeping in mind that in April we moved in quite a considerable amount form my Mother and Father in laws home from them putting it up for rent, me and my fibromyalgia, and other various excuses that come up in life)

I finished the ZOO
I finished the laundry room
I finished 5/6 of the dining room

I touched upon the living room
I touched upon the downstairs bathroom
I touched upon the "toy room" in the basement
I touched upon the upstairs 
I touched upon the upstairs bathroom
I touched upon the boys room
I touched upon Cora's room
I touched upon the kitchen
I touched upon the TV room
( touched upon means: did enough in these rooms to make a difference either in that room or in other rooms to be able to move forward with my house project :)

Overall I am pleased with my New Years goals.  I am working on my 2014 goals right now.  Some will be a continuation of the 2013, but I think that's the point.  I think we are to continue with what is working for us and build upon that.  

Blesses Sunday everyone.  K~

Monday, December 09, 2013

Soap Box 1st Edition

If you can't make up your mind, please don't give me a piece of it.

Over my adult life, I have been given a lot of advice.  In all fairness, I've given my share too.  But the advice I get, is most often unsolicited.  It also, in my opinion seems to have a feeling of a throw down.

Like:  "Medication is not good for you. Doctors don't know what their doing.  How can you take all that stuff?  There has to be a better way."

or  "Make sure give your kids enough fruit and vegetables" wait, "Make sure those vegetables are organic." wait "Organic isn't really organic just because it says organic, you have to be up on what qualifies for organic."

Or how about the Yogurt scene.  First yogurt is good for you. Just plain yogurt. Then that is too fattening, make sure to eat light yogurt.  Light yogurt you need to watch out for that.  You need to eat 99% fat free or fat free that's the ticket.  Well I don't know what you are thinking, but if you are not eating Activia with probiotics so you can poop.  What you are only taking yogurt with probiotics.  You need to be eating Greek yogurt.  But still another scolding NO now we need to eat Greek probiotic yogurt.

Literally under 24 hours after I purchased "Elf on a shelf" I found out that it wasn't good.  That it was enough of a controversy that a more "wholesome" alternative to this implied "evil" character "Elf on a shelf" has now been created.  The persons comment to this post was of utter joy and relief that a product is finally out there for her to now obtain.  That she has been searching and searching for an alternative for so long now that her joy is immeasurable she can't believe how long she's been looking... seriously "Elf on a shelf"?

I have countless and seriously I mean countless examples of  challenges and opinions days being offered up my way.  I don't really mind I guess, if it didn't happen to me almost every time I talk to everyone. Hermit life looks pretty good some times.  K~

Friday, December 06, 2013

Oh... Farm BILL...

So yesterday I was coming from my therapy session.  Most of my session revolved around my hearing loss and my frustrating and increasing brain fog.  I get in the car and as it warms for a bit I turn the radio on.  As usual the music is completely hideous, so I turn it to NPR.  I catch a few sentences into the beginning of the topic.  Curious, they are talking about Farmville.  Now and again NPR will cover stories that are a bit tongue and cheek also, Farmville is a very popular and profitable game on Facebook, so why not, I think.  I don't play it very often now, but I am familiar with it so I continue to listen.  After about 3-5 minutes they continue to talk about how Farmville might be raising the milk prices to $7.00 per gallon but not until after the first of the year.  There is no need to start stock piling milk now.  Odd, I think, I wouldn't stock pile milk, on a game really, but it might be a good strategy.  Then they started to talk about Congress.  Hmm.  Congress?  Maybe they might not be talking about Farmville.  But I know that is what they said.  I will try and listen closer. Nope, Farmville for sure!  Driving, listening. and then, "Here's what the speaker of the house Bill Boehner had to say about the Farmville"!!  ........ Silence in my brain.   Brain processing.....  Oh.... Farm BILL.  They are talking about the Farm Bill! Ok, that makes more sense.