Friday, March 30, 2007

All Done!

I have been working on 10 book marks for my friends book club. I started Mid January and have finally finished Mid March. 2 months on constant cross stitching. I am working on a few larger ones right now. I just finished a Christmas present.....oops. I am also so close (under a foot) to being done with my knitted strip afghan. Then, I need to crochet that together. It must be the season of finishing? This isn't the best photo of the book marks, but, I was going to photograph them on a sunny day outside, and alas, we have had very few of those where I have been around long enough to photograph them. They are all original designs and color choices. I just love doing the designing and color choosing, Not so much loving the tedious cross stitching!!
Well I am off to work on PC and Ebay stuff.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Will Wonders Never Cease!

S and Bingy on the same couch cushion,
not touching each other,
not paying any attention to each other at all.
This is a Kodak moment.

You're FIRED!!

Ok, I am really not a dog person. I have certain expectations of a dog.
1. They eat all the food that falls on the floor, so I don't have to sweep or mop anymore.
2. They sit with me when I want, for as long as I want.
3. They pee and you know what, OUTSIDE!
4. They come when I call them!
5. They help me wake up my kids in the morning.
Our 5 month old puppy, jumps up on the bed sniffs their heads and then curls up to take a nap. Did it with all 3 this morning! I have fired him so many times, and he still hangs around.........

Monday, March 26, 2007

Eight years old.......

Remember being 8??
"Little D" turned eight on Saturday!
All I can say is it was VERY VERY loud!
Boy oh boy.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

moss and mud

We went on a family walk today. It was GORGEOUS out!
We had a high of about 63 today. Sunny and you could see bits and pieces of green moss everywhere. I love moss. I want to go on line and see when it blooms here.

Bing took his first official Walsh hike. I think he did ok, but he is not in the sporting category for a reason. Short stumpy legs, Bow legged, long dangly ears, and a Low under carriage.

Notice, if you will, the hair hanging under his belly, nice and muddy.

"Well that's done!"

Bing and his portable water bowl.

The Walsh clan.

They look like a fine bunch huh?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flute -The right instruction (A God Story)

C- Had the most beautiful flute lesson yesterday! I could have just cried right there.

She has been so frustrated about flute. She just started this year and the school band/instrument teacher has them working on 3 different pieces of sheet music!!! To those of you who are not musicians, that too hard! She's 9 and has been playing since October. He has expressed his frustration with the group.

She has been in tears many times recently over not being able to play. I have, from the beginning, been trying to guide her. I play the oboe. Together we have been trying to work on her progress to no avail. She just wants to stop and give up.

This weekend, I noticed that her sound was just airy and weak. I too, secretly, was frustrated with her, that she could hardly play a note! So, I called my friend in ECFE that graduated college in flute. I asked her if she did lessons. She does. I explained that we may not be able to afford many, but I would like her to evaluate C and see how she is really doing on flute. So we set up a lesson for Last night!

Meanwhile during her lesson at school yesterday morning, the instrument teacher told C not to play her flute, just to finger along. That there must be something wrong with her flute.

NO NOTE HOME TO US!! She just, "oh by the way", told us when she got home. I asked her if he said we should bring it in to be fixed, and she said he didn't say anything like that.

C and I go to her lesson last night with all this info. Joy listened to C and then Joy played C's flute. She said yes, there is something wrong with your flute. She fixed a pin immediately and they proceeded with the lesson. She was so kind and smart. She was so patient with me (the nervous -and annoying- stage mom) and C gabbing constantly (hmmm wonder where she gets that??)

She gave her concrete instructions for the week. She borrowed a CD of James Galway (supposed to be the most famous and best flute player in the world) and a easier lesson book!!!!
She also gave her constant praise on what she was doing right. AND written lesson instructions for the week!!

I left with my heart full of appreciation and joy! (funny her name is Joy) God and I just knew that she shouldn't quit until she learns to play and chooses for her self that she does not want to continue!



Monday, March 19, 2007

Blog reading

This is a moth from Madagascar. It is the size of a dinner plate!
I have been reading this EXTREMELY interesting blog from a couple who have been traveling around the world for almost 2 years. They are on day # 670+. I have enjoyed the blog so much. I made it part of my morning coffee and blog reading. It has been just neat reading about their adventures and looking at their photos. They seem to be such real down to earth people too. I can't wait to share some of the most interesting photos I have seen on my reading journey.

Nothing special is going on! That is kind of nice.
I have had an uneventful morning.
Just got a lot of things finished up and started that I needed to.
It is kind of nice to be able to say that once in a while!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

The zoo

Body language: Notice the hand hanging down on the other side of the log. His foot is in the back and you can see his 4 fingers dandling there.
The Zoo:
Nala is still angry that her space has been invaded by a fluffy fuzz ball with an annoying habit of jumping for her tail and chasing her.

Bing is clueless. I call him a "mouth with legs". He is sweet and friendly, but is NOT potty trained yet!!

Puff is exhausted over it all. The noise, the chaos, the cold. Enough all ready.

Cleo is determined to push out one "live" egg. She is going to do it, even if she does cost Kirsten a fortune. (ICKY egg #3, removed by household tweezers. I actually got sick to my stomach and Lost my appetite. Now THAT'S bad!)

Clyde still hungry for any kind of food, and apparently ACTION! If you know what I am not saying! Or did I just say it?

Yuri is still trying to get around that leg of the table in his habitat. The water turtles sit above them, and he works on getting his shell past the leg for many many minutes. He must think, "my head fits, now what about the rest of me." He clunks for the longest time. You can even hear him outside!

Shelley just waits for water. She loves to sit in her water. She takes a nice long drink and then poops...... SO I need to clean it for her often! She is patient with Yuri (not the brightest bulb on the tree) or, she is deaf.

Jaba (the toad) wonders why the dirt end and he can't bury himself enough. He has hit a glass bottom!!! (as apposed to the glass ceiling??) I need to add more dirt. I actually know he is a girl. Why am I calling her a him?

The tree frog just sits in the corner. Doesn't move much. Seems content. I do check if it is "with us" still. And so far so good.

Irene the anole loves it under her log. She suns during the day and has been eating the crickets, but mostly she sits under her log.

The mouse ( I think it's name is Milly or Tilly or something like that) is still hanging around as the last rodent allowed to live in our house. She still "does her thing". Runs on her wheel, eats, drinks and sleeps!

Pebbles still has attitude. She loves her worms! Although, I don't think she knew I was watching, but I saw her eating some broccoli!!

Snaky the snake (duh!) is happy to eat and eat and eat!! He loves his night crawlers and his feeder fish. He like to hang out under the rock and comes out usually only for food. But sometimes you can catch him sunning.

Maxwell is still "enjoying" his friends.

Magellan is still quite passive and patient.

LuLu seems to separated herself from the action and finds her own quiet retreats away from the craziness.

The dozens on fish seem to be happy. The ones the turtles don't eat, anyway. 3 tanks full and they keep getting added to. Turtles can be very picky.

Well that's the ZOO!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


MOM = Many Overwhelming Moments

If there is anything for sure, being a mom is filled with many overwhelming moments.

If you are person who thrives on the unpredictable/predictable events of life, become a charge of 3 humans. I tell you, it is never dull. I wish I had a specific situation to write about this morning, but, I was just reflecting over what happened 24 hours ago. Nothing special, just a normal school morning in the Walsh home.

Yesterday - 7:30 am

Kids get up, grumpy, loudly and unwillingly.

Bing is the WORST alarm clock ever! He licks them a bit, snuffs some, and then does a twirls around and lays down to nap!

D can't make it. Screaming his breakfast order, screaming at S, screaming because it's too bright, screaming because it's too cold, screaming because he "CAN'T MAKE IT TOO SCHOOL, DON'T I UNDERSTAND!!!. Then the screaming and crying continues for the next hour and 10 minutes.

C has the sniffles and her belly hurts. She's going to make it to school though (her lunch is made). She can't make it to school after all (Her lunch is put away). She needs breakfast. Now her stomach hurts. She needs to lay down. She need kleenex. Her clothes hurt her. She goes back to bed.

S is fighting with the dog. He is too cold. He is not dressed. He is not going to eat. Then he is hungry. He needs to be dressed by mom. Then he can do it himself. Then he is really sad. He cries and cries that HE doesn't want to go to school. I need to wipe the tears and get him out the door.

Nala is hissing continually at Bing. Bing is continually bugging Nala (and S). Bing gets his butt swiped and goes back for more. Nala sticks around to show she's the boss of this house. Bing is put in his kennel. Nala grumps off.

I DON'T FALL DOWN THE STAIRS..... It's a miracle.

After a long frustrating hour+ of crying, screaming, consequences, and loving coxing, the 2 boys head to the bus stop. Don't see D get on. I worry until I hear from school to see if he made it, or if he is wondering the streets and I need to go look for him.

Then it is off to a 10 am appointment. To Target to get prescriptions picked up that they called me about, and they are not ready!! Come home to greet S at the door from the bus. Check on C and start to make lunch for S, Cora's is already made. Bing proceeds to eat S's peanut butter sandwich. So S has a bag of fruit snacks instead.

All before Noon.


This morning..............No screaming, crying, fussing or consequences. Just smiles, eating, dressing and on the way.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Cleo is home and find

Photo taken at the end of January. Cleo is in the back and Clyde is in the front.

Well I just came from the pet hospital. The egg had to be removed, camera inserted, area washed out, and a shot of antibiotics given.................Wow. She is fine, but I am not feeling so well. It is kind of hard to spend $137 on a natural process. Although, I know better then anyone that babies just don't come out, at least not at this home!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Farm in the City

Still NO EGG! I am becoming increasingly impatient! I am sure she is too. I need to call the Exotic Vet today and see what I can do. Maybe this just takes time, but WOW!! Talk about the mother of all hemorrhoids she is going to have!

Puff has been out and about more and more these days. After the bitter cold snap I have been more inclined to put him on his pillow/stufty pile. He is so happy there.

I was able to clean Puffs, the 3 water turtles (LuLu, Maxwell, Magellan and the sunfishes) tank, as well as the 8 gold fish and 1 catfish tank, the other day. They are so nice and clear.

The next task is my land turtles (Yuri, Shelley, and Pebbles)! They are SO itching to get out and roam! Still to cold on the tile floor.

Then it's the toad (Jaba), frog (no name) and anole (Irene) tank and the snake (Snaky) tank.

The one I am dreading the MOST is the Salt water tank. That sits by a window, and MAN is it hard to keep that clean.

Lastly, it is our tank. This is the most discouraging!

I do try and keep up. I just fall so behind. I am working a lot at the computer, and frankly, I like to stay here unless I am sleeping or running errands. I think I am making progress, however. I am going through stuff little by little. Throwing, donating and organizing.

I do a little everyday and that is enough, I think!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thought for the day.

Where did I leave my 200+ tires????

This is a view from my friends breeze way! It took all day for them to haul them away. But the real question is, why did they have all these tires in there back yard, in the middle of the cities?

Monday, March 05, 2007

This sounds familiar.......

Obviously the person who wrote this particular Spongebob episode has had some experience with children......

Gary is Spongebob's pet snail (he meow's like a cat)

Spongebob to Gary: Gary! Looks like it's that time of week again: bath time. Come on, let's go get the water started. You're gonna have to get in that tub, Gary. Now, Gary, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way, or the medium way, or the semi-medium-easy-hard way, or the sorta hard with a touch of awkward-easy-difficulty-challenging way. So that's how you wanna play it, huh? Gary!

Spongebob on the phone: Hello, Fancy French Restaurant? I've got a naughty snail here who won't take a bath. What? Can you say that again? Slow down. It's like your speaking some other language. hangs up

Spongebob to Gary: I am really not amused, mister. You are going to take a bath, and you are going to get clean right now.

Gary: Meow.

Spongebob: I am so the boss of you.

Gary: Meow.

Spongebob: It may be a free country, but you live in my house under my rules.

Gary: Meow.

Spongebob: Don't use that tone of voice with me. You will do what I say when I say. What are you doing? I am talking to you, mister. Do not go near that mud puddle! Gary, the snail, do you hear me? I am giving you three seconds to get away from that mud puddle. One, two, two and a half...don't make me say three. Gary leans over the puddle Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Spongebob falls in the mud puddle.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A day of midwifery

Today turns out to be a day of midwifery at K~'s home. Sitting next to me, I have a tub with warm water in it. Cleo is soaking her egg ladened bottom. I also need to apply to petroleum jelly to the region. Hopefully this will get things going. If not, off to the vet I go for shots!! AHH the thought of taking a turtle to the vet........K~

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The snow is coming down. I love it when it snows. It is so pretty. I don't even mind driving in it. I DO however, mind going out, it seems, no matter the weather.

I am going to try and embrace "new" self. At least for today. I am inefficient, late, slow, lazy, non responsive, couch potatoee - LOVE my nest!! and down right just love to sit!! I think that is OK?? I am working on accepting myself and being the best me I can be (today). I will soon want to be kicking my butt into gear, but my butt still hurts WAY TO MUCH!! and my neck, collar bone, back, leg, and rib cage. It seems my right pinky has healed nicely!!

I actually have my devotional out today. My candles on, my coffee next to me, and I am ready to 1st, read my blogs, 2nd send Pampered Chef evites to people for catalog shows, and 3rd enter my next things up for bid on Ebay! That should be a good days work.

My hip (butt) is killing me from the fall, and it is hard to sit on my desk chair too long. I wish I could blog a photo of my bruise. Anywhere else, and I might. It is a good 5 inches long and 1-2 inched high, black, red, brown, yellow and a bit green now. Just thought I would share!!

I am also watching my mommy turtle closely so she doesn't lay her eggs in the water, or that she lays them at all. I am worried now. I have questions into the turtle experts. I feel like I am waiting for toast to toast or water to bowl. She does look a little uncomfortable. Poor girl!

We here are some miscellaneous photos to go with my miscellaneous ramblings.

Have a great day, y'all.

"I observed that the basic motive for success is the
driving force of envy and jealousy!"
Ecclesiasties 4:4 LB

HHMMMMM... Now that is quite insightful I must say!!