Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Creativity is costly

and I don't mean materials.  

I am talking about the investment of commitment.  

I have made a decision to commit a considerable amount of time 
on my creative self this year.  

So I have spent 20+ days thinking of a direction or directions I want to go.  

Meanwhile, I am working on things.  I am focusing on color and things that make me happy.  I am working on creative spaces in my house.  Not just for me but for my family.  I have been taking baby steps towards quiet time.  
That is quite a challenge.  

So my investment is hard work. It is focus.  These are 2 things that do not come naturally to me anymore.  
I am easily distracted and defeated these days.  
I start to dream big 
and then 
narrow it down to a point that has no challenge left for me. 

I hope that this investment of commitment to creativity this year
 will help me feel a balance in my life.
 I hope that it helps me in the long run
 learn to rest my brain in my "happy place".


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Many tasks lie ahead, next to and behind me

So here I sit.  I have so many tasks ahead and so many under my belt.  I don't know where I came from or where to go next.  I do run a list.  I do check it off.  The most important things do seem to get done.  That's a good thing, but some how other important things don't.  The list goes and my tension rises.  Well kind of.  The other night I realized that I have lost most of my "flight" part of "fright, flight, freeze or faint"  I have fright, I kind of freeze ( I guess ) and it's hard for me to faint, I never really had that at all.  I am sure I shared the story about the time I was finally alone in the house.  I was all bundled in my nest and then I smelled something burning.  I sat there.  Just the same as I was before I smelled something burning.  The only mood that came over me was maybe, slight disdain.  My shoulders went down and all I could think was "man... something is really on fire and now I have to get up and check on it " sigh.  "man"  I didn't have any feeling to get up.  none what so ever.  I'm not looking deep into it.  It's just an observation.  It is kind of how I take my tasks now.  I add stuff to the list.  I look at it.  I think... sigh... now how can I possibly not do this one or that one, but then when I turn my head my eye catches a crap-a-stack, a needy animal, a needy child, a pretty color, a craft undone, the clock (that should mean something but it doesn't) or pretty much anything else, the list goes away and then I am onto something else.  But I am not unique, I know this.  Each of us can write what I just did.  We all know this feeling, well maybe most would be more reactive to something burning in their home, I'm talking about life and it's tasks.  Lots to do.  Lots to do.  K~

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year

Well 2014 is here.  I a happy to say that I held onto my new years resolutions for 2013!  As I posted previously, I was late to most every event!  And I worked diligently in my house to get through rooms and organize.  There were bumps along the way. Some of those bumps, should I say, were rocky piles of boulders to get over.  Those set me back, but I did accomplish enough to keep me going in 2014.

 This is my new zoo and quite reflection area.  I LOVE IT!  It is beautiful at night with lights lite up so nicely.  I am among my wonderful friends too. I have wanted this for so so long. Sigh!

Then there is what I am calling my "Victorian style" sitting room.  It is amazingly comfortable and lends to cozy sitting and conversation.  I have actually used it more than once.  It is where I have my yarn all sorted by type too.  Sigh.  

I am so happy about how this all worked out. K~