Monday, January 29, 2007

There is Beauty in Patients

It's Finished!!
I am so proud of myself. I never gave up and I kept redoing it until I got it right. This is a scarf I made for my Wonderful Sister Marsha. She does so much for our family!! It is out of VERY expensive yarn. The most I have ever spent on a skein. It is sockette yarn. A very tiny strand. I just learned how to knit this pattern when I started on Thanks giving! I am sure I ripped up this scarf at various points at least 20 times!! But it looks the same from beginning to end. I had to challenge myself not to cheat her or myself out of the beautiful product I knew it could have been. I am so excited to give it to her tonight! K~

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cold vs.Warm

Cold Blooded staying warm...

Warm blooded getting cold!!

Bitter cold and training a puppy??

Now I know why I love my reptiles so much!!! In Minnesota, I need to keep the cold blooded cozy warm, like I like to be!!

AHHHHH doesn't it look warm under the light, in the blanket??

Not so fun going out for potty morning, noon, and night.

Not so fun holding the door open, while Nala decides when she is going to leave.

Not a blast getting up every morning at 4 AM to let the cat out AND hold the door open so she can sniff the air. You may wonder, why do you indulge her K~?? Because she relentlessly scratches the closet door and meows until you do!

Some are just easier then others :-)


Friday, January 26, 2007

The water dog

It's hard to see, but he is sitting in a huge puddle of water from the pitcher behind him. He likes to wade in the water, paddle in his water dish and swim in the bathtub. We were looking to get a water dog, and, well, we got one. K~

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hard habits to break

Some habits and needs are hard to let go. My blessed little Maxwell. He just as a NEED for companionship. He is most often seen attached to on of the other turtles. Checking them out. He must wonder if they are the same ones or something like that. He is so sweet. I am going to try and get a female his size next year. I will need to be very picky. AND..... I don't even know if he cares or not who he is with. K~

Monday, January 22, 2007

da Bears ..... da Colts...... da Super Bowl

Indy all the WAY!!
Yeah the Colts won last night! Although, they did try and lose in the first 1/2! I am so excited. Chicago looked really strong! I am bit nervous. I am however, going for Indy all the way. K~

Frustrated Cat

"Frustrated Cat" by Miro. I really like this painting. It speaks to me on many different subject. First, I think it speaks to me regarding Nala. She is quite frustrated. But, even in her small little brain, she can modify her behavior to get past her obstacle (Bing). I too can get frustrated. I hope I can learn from her that it is important to wait. Wait for the best time to strike. Not every time is perfect. She is waiting for that best time. She is ready now, but being very patient. Good for her. K~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Football playoffs!!
I want Indy and Chicago to win.
Then......Indy to take it all!!
I do like Peyton Manning! Even though, I got ripped off of getting him for my quarter back.
I am still quite faithful to him.
I have 2 people on the Colts, however, that will be playing this weekend.
I have Chicago's defense so, that will help.
I am in the running to take the big win in our fantasy football league. FINALLY!!
I do have to give most of the credit to my assistant coach...Rick. He has made some impressive suggestions to me (the head coach) to keep me alive. The name of my team is "The Three Banger" named after the # of children I have. I have been in the running in the last 10+ years I have been in the league. I think I even took 3rd one year, but to be in the running for 1st.
That's exciting.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freaking out over crafts!!

I know it sounds funny to "freak out" over crafts. Isn't that supposed to relax you and calm you down!! Not me. David needed me to make this bunny he saw in a magazine. "Your you finished with the bunny yet?" became the mantra for 2 days. He would bring me the stuffing, the yarn, the magazine over and over again. So added to my list, is this bunny. I personally think it came out ok (no pattern, just a photo), but the one in the magazine (where you can order a pattern!!!!) is much cuter!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Feeling pretty Good in 2007- so far...........

Cora made this precious Mommy snowman and baby!!
Well we are 1/2 way through January!
It is very cold out.
I however, am feeling pretty good so far.
I'm kind of surprised but happily surprised none the less.
I still have plenty to do, but instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel full and excited.
I think it might be that I am getting used to having my mornings.
Bing is a good boy. He is sleeping on the little bean bag bed we have made him.
Puff is sunning. The turtles are swimming around. Nala is in a big grey ball!
I don't know. It feels good to be busy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

crafts to do

I have been working on getting some of my crafting projects done. I have 1 October gift that I am for my sister that I have quite literally ripped up part of at least 25 times!!! It is a new knitting pattern, and one I must not be able to do in the din of my house! Then there is the 2 book marks that I am doing for Christmas presents. I am over 1/2 done on one and 1/4 done on the other. Then there is the birthday gift due in early early February!! I have 4 rows done on that. Let's see. I have a mommy and a baby gift to get done for a friend that had a baby in late December. And then there are the doggy sweaters that my vet fell in love with and wants me to sell at the clinic. I have another visit there in a month with Bing! Here is his sweater that I did. It is Cora's design. K~

Sunday, January 14, 2007

When is enough enough??

I have 44 animals. Give or take a fish here and there. HMMMMM!!
3 Children
1 husband
and me.

one more and that would be 50 creatures under one roof. Is that legal?? It sure is not sane or normal...........



Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Indolence, 1756-1757

His Indolence, showing a lazy servant, is a humorous--but no less moralizing.

2 dictionary definitions:
** in·do·lence n. Habitual laziness; sloth.
** indolence n. inactivity resulting from a dislike of work

This Painting was at the MIA. When Marsha, Marilee and I went to the exhibit. WOW!!! it spoke to me. The write up next to the painting said, that "the woman was lazy and kept a messy house. But, actually, was probably suffering from morning sickness." I absolutely LOVE the orange shoe. Her expression is so real. I have not been moved by a painting the way that this one has moved me, in quite awhile.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SOOOO Tired!!

Too tired to keep my eyes open. Look at Bing. I had to turn off the # lock because his head kept hitting the keys. Puff cuddled up like this himself. I went to get him to put him in his cage for the night, and there he was, tucked under the buffaloes arm. My My!! K~

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bursting at the seems!!

We are a FULL HOUSE now!! We are filled to the brim! We have had a good day with Bing. Last night was a bit rough. But over all not so bad either. We are trying to do our best. The 2 nights that followed went very well. He slept through the night. He had an accident the second night, but none the third. We are very proud of us and the kids. At least we know that we love all our animals and do the best for them as we can. We also love each other. We try and provide. In the end. We all want to be cuddled and played with!

Friday, January 05, 2007

New years eve Family walk

We had a new years eve Family walk, and I mean the whole family. Nala followed us all the way around the long block. Here are some WONDERFUL photos. It was absolutely beautiful!!!!

Meet Bing

Meet Bing. He is an 8 week old puppy.
He was born on November 6th, 2006. He is a Bichon Frise and a poodle mix. He has HUGE paws!!
We named him Bing, before we even picked out a puppy. Bing - represents the "Cherry on top" or the final straw to the madness.
He has been sweet so far.
Rick and my catch phrase now.........
"Look at him, what could possibly be bad about that?"

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The new year

I am kind of excited about 2007. It has it's potential. I think that it could be the year I spend mostly awake, then mostly sleeping. I am busy doing my usual clearing out rooms and going through things. Organizing and rearranging. I feel a bit ahead of the game, due to the work I did this fall. I know the living room is going to be clearer when all the holiday decor goes down. My animals have adjusted nicely to winter. Even though we are not having much of a winter. Here are some photos of the gang.