Friday, October 31, 2008

check and check

Thought this would be good for Halloween.
This is a Wildlife Rehabilitation experience.......
Plastic disposable apron.......check

Plastic disposable boot covers to go over my rubber boots.......check.

Face Mask that keeps out dust, BACTERIA and pollen............check.
Latex gloves.......check.

Food on a paper plate, because no bowls can be shared with other animal and can never leave the room once it has entered........check.
Ready to clean these precious looking cuties....check. Who'd of thunk it! K~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Color study

T'ang tomb horse study. Not my most successful. Too peachy. Blue not as vibrant. Had to redo the green. Not having too much luck with my art pieces as of late. I think it's because I am not picking the colors in the most accurate light. Oh well, just 5600 stitches and another swing and a miss. I have to just keep stitching, just keep stitching. I'll make one work again. I know I will! K~

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bible Sunday

S got his bible on Sunday. Yeah! Of course I love the cover! Very neat. I like these kid bibles. I hope to get them to actually open them on occasion. K~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008


Oh dear, he is here!! I got to see baby rocket last night. I am so excited. He is so adorable and just a squishy little bundle. K~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

fascinated by snapping turtles

So last night was much of the same. I am still thrilled to be among these awesome creatures. We had a juvenile Trumpeter Swan there last night. So very large and cute. Hissing away at me. I was kind of laughing, because as the "little" guy was trying to be so scary, he had a leaf stuck to his bill. Kind of made the threats no so intimidating.

Had to clean my snapping turtle friends. One that has had some terrible head trauma is still there. It was so exciting, however, to see him lift his head. It has been the first time I have ever seen him do that. His head just flopped when I picked him up before. So he is recovering nicely. Yeah. The other feisty fellow that always wants to get out and eat me, was there. He fell over and showed me his belly last night. It was way paler then this guys. He looked like a plucked chicken. He struggled to turn over, until I helped him out. I think it was a ploy to chew my hand off. He didn't though. I have 2 still.

Still, I have to be grateful that we do not have alligator snappers up in this neck of the woods. Here are 2 photos of these babies!! I just don't think I would be too thrilled to clean their cages. I can't believe I am grateful to take care of our 20-30 pounders at WRC. K~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Rocket is here!!

Janet and Lutz had baby #2 tonight at around 6 PM. I was a part of taking care of their 1st (N) this morning. N, named the new baby "baby rocket" when it was still a small bump in Janet's tummy. It has been that for the rest of the pregnancy. She and I went for hot and spicy Nepalese food yesterday. I bet that did it. Today while taking care of N, he put a whole bunch of mac n cheese on Bing. It was one of those mommy moments where you find yourself asking out loud "Why did you do that?" and alas, there is no answer. He also said that Ricks rust bucket red car looked like a rotten chicken, sounded like a chain saw when it started and cow when it turned off. We had a good time together. Yeah. I get to go see the little one tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When you say Bulk cooking...What exactly do you mean?

More than once, I have tried to bulk cook at my house. I tried again on Monday morning. 1/2 a box of waffle mix and I was able to put 1-1/2 waffles in the fridge for tomorrow. I tried again last night to make some. 1/2 a box later, I again, had 1-1/2 waffles to put in the fridge. All the "left overs" are gone. Now, I ask you, how exactly am I going to store up waffles to keep up with the family. I am actually going to go to the store and comparison shop. Are my homemade waffles cheaper then the frozen ones......really??? K~

Monday, October 20, 2008

ah the zoo...

Ramses doing some yoga.
Puff in his his home.
by the way....He hates his veggies.
Look at Yuri's head move to munch on those veggies. It is actually a blur. Did you think a turtle could move so quickly?
Who's this? Could it be #12? This is a little fella that was (for what reason I am unsure) brought home to me. Yes, it is a snapper. It's name......Snappy, of course. Yes it is the size of a 50 cent piece.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

24 Hours Later

We had a fun time at the water park. 24 hours is enough. A person tends to get waterlogged after that. Now we are off to my God sons birthday party and, church. K~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

North Dakota - Cancelled!

Do to the fact that our truck started breaking down 30 minutes into our trip. We headed out at 10:30 PM last night. We didn't really get under way until about 11:30 PM. Then, about Midnight the trouble began. (a random reving engine) So we slept in the truck at a truck stop ( how fitting) for 2 hours to let the truck "settle down". It began it's nonsense immediately. So we turned the rig around and got home about 3 AM. NOW...... We are off to the Water Park of America in Bloomington for one night. We leave in 2 hours. I will be on the almost 1 mile lazy river by 5 PM. Now that's a bit more like it. K~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here We Go!

Did someone say North Dakota??

You say we are leaving after I work all night with wild animals, so I can sit up in the van and sleep in the cold??
You say that we will be in the van with 3 loud kids, one husband that doesn't chat and a dog that has no boundaries??
You say that I need to do all the packing for 5, clean the animals, feed the animals, go to petco for crickets and cat litter, go to a meeting from 12-3PM, and then work from 5-9PM and then get home to pile into a van and sleep upright??

Boy, sign me up, I'm ready to go. North Dakota here we come. Finally my husband has taken my subtle hints and planned my dream vacation :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

still knitting!

I have been working on this off and on. I am getting somewhere. I really like it. It takes forever for me! I think it's because I use such small needles. I am only doing a lap afghan. My crafting ADD would not allow me to do a larger one :-). Bob and I can relate on the CDD. Right now, I have 4 crochet projects, 1 knitting project, and 1 cross stitch project going.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Crammin' canoe trip. I actually caught a fish. There I am in the sun lookin' like a pumpkin. Crafting away, while Rick portages the canoe.

Football games, swimming lessons, football practice.......
Puppet parades on Saturday....
Sunday while I was trying to clean the house for my husband, I fell off the bottom step into a pile of fitting!!
I sprained my ankle and went to bed early...10:30.
As I was finishing a chapter in my book,
S, who was sleeping in our extra bed we have up there,
got up and started walking, quite determinedly,
I asked "S, where are you going?"
S "mumble"
Me " S, you are asleep, go back to bed please."
Next thing Rick and I heard was a distinct sound of "water" splashing at the top of the stairs
S immediately came to Ricks side of the bed, crammed himself in and was sleeping soundly.
Rick and I laughing and a bit in shock....start cleaning up the mess.
S.... none the wiser. I tell ya.

Friday, October 10, 2008

just keep stitching

So I just love this bracelet that I got from my sister. So I thought of doing a piece with this as an inspiration. ALAS....the background color turned out too green. When you lay the tread on the bracelet, it matches perfectly, but stitched in big areas, did not work out. I was sad, but continued on. I re named my piece guacamole. Cuz, well, it looks like guacamole. K~

Thursday, October 09, 2008

What have I learned....

I learned that poking at a dead possum may not be all bad.
I heard the most endearing story last night. Sad with a "happy" ending. Apparently there was a dead possum on the side of the road. A couple of boys were looking at it and kind of poking it with a stick. They soon noticed that in the pouch were 7 baby opossums. They brought them to WRC and they are now safe and warm. No mom :-( but not left alone in the wilderness either. They were so cute.

Just a special reminder that all the photos that appear in my blog about WRC are Internet googled images unless otherwise stated. I can't photograph while I am at work. So these are not them, but they look very similar :-)

I learned the safest way to hold a pilaited woodpecker last night. Never thought I'd need that skill.

I learned that there is yellow rail in our midst.

I learned that the kingfisher are SUPER COOL birds.

I learned that even though the Common Snapping turtle may look absolutely "adorable", "sweet", and "innocent"..... There were not too many people cleaning Ward J the last few weeks, except me.....hmm......

I also learned that not too many people line up to unplug a small drain hole in the snapping turtles tank, that a minnow decided to go head first into.

I literally had to get a broom. Push and I mean PUSH HARD!! to slide him backwards away from the drain, and with my other hand, reach in, yes... reach in and dig a minnow, that had since died, out of the drain hole. I'm thinking... he is just going to eat the broom and then my hand or head. Which ever he jumps and gets to first!!

This is a big turtle. I can't venture a guess on how many pounds but he looks a lot like this one, except more moss growing off his shell.

I still love my "job". love love love it!! K~