Sunday, April 29, 2007

from oil to thread

Inspiration Piece: Miro - oil painting - 1930 (ish) - "The Escape Ladder"

The Final Results.
The bookmark on the left is what I started with. It is a representation of the original painting above.
The bookmark on the right is a very stylized version of the first representation.
The one on the right, taking considerably less time, then the one on the left.
When the creative process is completely free flowing, the first, it is just like a small painting of expression. It can change, for me, in every stitch just like in every paint brush stroke.
When the process is reduced to a module form, it can come together quite quickly.
I just love the creative process!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting Ready.

I am getting all ready to get my ECFE book printed out. It is as close to done as I think I can get it. Now a I have to just figure out how to print off and bind a couple dozen copies. Above is an adorable drawing that is in it. My final copy goal is end of May!

Monday, April 23, 2007


(Stock photo, This Robin is innocent of all wrong doing!)

Well at least the particular one that has been singing the same song sing 4 AM!! Over and Over and Over and Over!! I started to whistle it back to him. I mean really.... find a mate already, or move on!!
I really feel bad about hating the poor guy, but I have now been driven insane by a 5" high brown and red bird!! Who know that was what it would finally take!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is another one of my favorites. Anne Taintor has such a great cleaver sense of humor.


Barney Fife and the Preamble to the Constitution

TOO TOO FUNNY!! It reminds me of my soon to be 40 year old brain! ENJOY! (oh by the way.... I LOVE YOUTUBE!)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Barney Explains Dogs and Giraffes to Opie

This is one of my favorite TV Episodes EVER... It is a bit long, but I think you will enjoy it!

Man, Giraffes are selfish.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scary adventures

Felted Bag

Puppy / Small Dog sweater

I am on a scary but exciting adventure! I have created a store front on Etsy. Thanks to Bobbi and Kristi. I have posted 3 items and have many more photographed!! I am excited to have my stuff out there. Now I can only hope I sell some, so I can help support our family (as well as my crafting habit :-))
Felted Bag with funky bead

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

D and Bing!

This is the book that little D brought home yesterday to read. It is too cute that he picked one that looked so much like him and so much like Bing!!


1st and most important COFFEE!!

Then Yarn!!

Yes, this yarn is made from Bamboo..... Going to have to google how that's made!!

The purchases. The left is a purse I crocheted out of recycled sari's from India. They are sent to the women's cooperatives in Nepal. Then the "yarn" is sold at a fair market price. The Felted bag is also from the same women's cooperative in Nepal. Look at the adorable felted ball for the pull on the zipper.

Ok, I laughed until I cried!! I love this persons art work. Anne Taintor!

Me and Bob!! I am so sad that Kristi is not in the photo!! I took this from her blog. Thanks :-)

Check out the awesome GREEN wall. LOVE it!!!!

Ok... Another awesome shop..... I want almost everything. Only bought candles! I'm Happy!!

I Had such a fabulous Saturday!! I had a true blue Girls day out!! It started with Coffee and yarn shopping, then trinket shopping at Bibelot, Off to Highland Grill for YUMMY deep fried green bean, sweet potato fries, and a grilled cheese sandwich for me :-) !! Then to Patina for more trinkets, candles and bobbles. We topped it off with a trip to the Pet store to see hedge hogs and puppies!!

How can it get better then that? Later, I visited my Friend Bobbi and my new found friend Kristi! Both from Sioux Falls South Dakota!! Can't wait to go their for a LOOONG weekend.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Just a short bus ride!

Ok, we got the bus on.
You'll be fine, we'll just be pushing the small raft with a pole back here.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
This is an actual bus that Kelly and Mark( Living the Dream) saw go across the river. I don't think they actually chose this option.
I just love this blog and have been so enjoying it for quite a while.
Here is a link.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Creative Build Up!

10 small book marks (floss) - all 10 are unique designs
I am suffering from Creativity Build Up!! I have been thinking and thinking how I can make a living from my many Hand Crafts. It then dawned on me that I am surrounded by Creative people that make a living from there Creativity. HELP!! Any suggestions?

Long/thin book mark (floss and ribbon).

Large book mark (floss) - Garden and Sky theme -initials of persons children in the sky.

Large book mark (floss) - Color theme is after the paintings by Mori.

Oops how did he get here? Oh, it's Wednesday.

The dog ate my homework..............

Hey, Let's get a DOG!!!!........
So, Sir Bing as we call him, has been busy. He first chewed up D's book from school. I have to replace it. I decided to fix the one that has now become our home copy. It fell where we could not see him enjoying it!! Literally under my feet, the foot stool. Following, is an email i wrote to his teacher. I wrote it at 10 PM last night.

Hi Rita.D has been doing so well going to school after break. We are very pleased.I just wanted you to know that our Dog ate his Chirp book! I am going to buy a new one. Please let D bring that one back home, and I will pickup a new one for the chirp library. It is "Dinosaurs before dark" Sorry about that. No one saw that it had fallen out of his chirp folder under the foot stool. I will get a new one to you by next week.
Then I come out to the Kitchen and see this mess all over the floor. I think I stared at it for a good minute. "What is that?"........ Oh, it's just C's math homework!!!
Sir Bing had a little snack while I was doing my emial. I spent a good 1/2 hour in vane trying to put the homework puzzle back together. He only "ate" the part she wrote on. The empty part was left untouched. So...... I proceeded to the computer and emailed her teacher regarding the issue. It included photos of proof. And then put the shredded up homework in a zip lock baggy and put it back into her backpack, which by the way, he reached into and pulled it out!

Hi Dan,

I can't believe I am actually writing this, but our dog literally ate up C's homework. I am going to send it in a baggy so you can see she finished it. She and Rick worked on it tonight. At this time of night, she does not know it even happened. I came into the kitchen after putting them down for bed and couldn't figure out what was all over the floor. He must have taken it out of her open back pack. I tried in vane to put it back together again. Here is the evidence. I thought visuals would be appreciated . Please allow C to get any new pages she might need.

Thank you. K~

By the way, I just emailed Rita about Bing eating D's chirp book that fell under the foot stool with out our knowledge. We are needing to replace that one. The last photo is of the poor book.

So there it is.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Music calms the beasts

Sweet C. She wanted to hold puff and was happy to play her music for him.
He seemed to like it. He spent the evening under the blanket and was SO happy.
C is really excelling on the flute!
I feel very blessed by the people God has surrounded me by.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A small family project

I thought I would be a good mom and do something with the kids room over spring break. I decided to paint my kids room that I have been promising to do for a few years now.

I had an entire theme planned out. THEN.... I went to lunch with my daughter (10 in May). Well it went from my idea ( suggestion of grass and sky, and an area of pink by her top bunk bed) to a Jungle theme. Which is just fine with me! But, the colors have changed like the wind. Rick even got in on the planning.

If that wasn't "too many cooks in the kitchen" enough, I had planned on painting the room by myself. Taped off the areas just as I needed them.

Off to Menard's WE go (Me with 2 of 3 kids). 3 cans of paint later and we, I mean WE start to paint. Me, C (9) D (8) and S (4) all to the lovely serenade of a dog locked in his kennel barking none stop.

Here we are, all but the husband (hmmmm) and the dog and the 45+ other family members, in a 10 X 10 room. All 4 wheelding a paint roller or brush.

OK ... I told them, I only have 3 rules.



(This photo was the inspiration for the blog. Notice the complete disregard of the blue tape....)

This photo, unfortunately was not captured.
There were small 4 year old size green foot
prints from the bedroom to the bathroom.
As of this morning the plans have yet again changed for the room. SO, I am going to see what I can get done, before they change them around altogether!

Monday, April 02, 2007

On any given day!

It's funny how almost all of my blogs post an AM time on them. That is because I think I am going to blog in the AM and it never seems to happen lately. I am now sitting here on April 2nd at 10:30 PM. Trying to sort out my day.

This is my office on any given day. I clean it up and organize it really well. Then, the days activities begin and before it is 9 am, my office looks like this! My favorite is the Octopus that I have under my desk. Please don't send this to the Fire Marshall. It is Bing's favorite snack during his visits. He is almost through my camera cord and the DSL cord....Yeah!!! To look at this, you wouldn't think that I was known for my organizational skills and prioritizing ability. I was a hot commodity in my day.

But, There are some things that just seem to work themselves out.

Don't comment on the 1970 gold, yes gold, chair (savings!! as my husband likes to say!) And my Carpet that was probably vacuumed 5 minutes ago. We still have the same vacuum that the neighbors saw me through out the back door, over our porch, and onto the sidewalk( many years ago). I have hated it from the get go. I call it the "Spitter 2000". You see, it likes to spit all the dirt out the back instead of sucking it up. Hurts when you are a hill billy like me and always go barefoot!!

That's a day.