Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's all good

Just buried under the sandwich layers, is all.
I am just plugging away at all that needs to get done.
I am putting on a smiling face and snapping to it.
I had a lot of Pampered Chef this weekend. I know that God has never wanted me to totally take that out of my life. Maybe someday, I will understand why, but for now, I just keep doing my best.
My mother in law has been hospitalized since Wednesday of last week. It has been more of a "on the mind" thing then needing to do much at this point.
My lovely children are doing fine, but we have karate and swimming for S and C, that overlaps for a couple weeks.
We like to keep it to one sport a season. D starts baseball next week.
Then there are C and S's birthdays coming up.
Lisa is turning the big 40! and I have countless relative birthdays.
The end of school "fever" has hit S hard. He is SO done with school. We actually got into the church building the morning! C and S went to Sunday school while Rick, D and I ate donuts in "the link"(a connecting part of our church and school buildings) It's not just regular school D won't attend!
I have had several doctors appointments last week and one kind of yucky big one tomorrow, after I take C to a special 3 hour testing in the morning to check for any learning disabilities that might have been missed by the school system.
I something every night this week, too, so I might be a bit aloof for a few days. I don't do so well with the cramming of stuff.
I am doing fine.
I have a favorite quote from one of my favorite groups, it goes as follows:
Many's the time i've been mistaken
and many time confused
Yes, and i've when felt forsaken
And certainly misused
But i'm all right, i'm all right
i'm just weary to my bones.....
But it's all right, it's all right
You can't be forever blessed
Still, tomorrow's going to be another
working day
And i'm trying to get some rest
that's all, i'm trying to get some rest
Simon and Garfunkel - American Tune '73

Thursday, April 24, 2008

16 oz of cold press at 9 PM... NOOOOO!

I am a bit tired. I got to sleep at 5:00 something this morning. And I am up now ready to get the kids up for school. That makes a solid 1 hour and some minutes of sleep.

I thought, innocently enough, after my "job" last night, that I should just finish off my coffee that I bought on the way there. I also needed to wash the hair down my throat somehow. Not a good idea! Cold press has WAY more caffeine then regular coffee. I can tell you that for sure this mornin'.

But no nap for the weary this morning. After the kids go to school, I go for a annual fasting blood draw. Was suppose to get that in January. And yes of course the rabies vaccine. Then to an appointment until noon. Off to the store and then to bed, I hope.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OOHHH! is THAT all.....

Well, I just got home from my first night at the WRC. It went fairly well. I was busy the entire time and I, for the most part, felt useful. I finally have a count down list to do, but am not sure if I will do it correct, so bare with me or is it bear with me??.

Diseases i could enjoy: 8
rabies (only one that will kill you for sure!)
Lyme's disease
west Nile virus
avian influenza

Parasites i could get: 5

echinococcus mutilocularis
baylisascaris infection

passing of animal on shift: 1
ADORABLE quarter size snapping turtle

animals hand fed: 3

1 black American gray squirrel
2 gray American gray squirrels
pooped on: 1
1 VERY Stinky gray American
gray squirrel
loads of laundry: 4
it feels a bit different when you
have an industrial size dryer to use
bitten: 0
other injuries: 0

shirts that needed immediate
removal and washing: 1
hairs that i feel like i have in
my throat right now: 100

money earned: $0.00

feeling useful: priceless

getting back in the "work"
force: priceless

(not the real animal - stock photos in case you may not know what they look like :-))

no photos please

Happy Wednesday. It has been a LOONG weekend into the week. I will begin with Saturday night.

I get up about 3 am to let the cat out and use the restroom. As I am "freshening up" I hear a some one coughing. Oh my word..... that is not coughing. I look out the door to see my daughter barfing over the top bunk of her bed. My son sleeping below, unaware and the dog below, thinking it is raining mana from heaven! I am in shock and instantly call the barf patrol.....Rick. I escape into the computer room. Minute by minute tick by, for me, in horror. If anyone knows me, I in complete and total fear of barf!!! I need to keep the dog in with me so he does not help any further. After much time of cleaning and disinfecting, C gets a nice clean bath and is put into a comfy warm nest on the couch. Then it was onto the dog. Luckily I had not gotten to washing him that night. He needed it before bed. He had "helped" me with the dishes and got maple syrup and all over his head and ears. This had now hardend into a nice crust. So, I got the dog bathed as Rick did the clothes. We finally sat down at about 5 am.

What does Rick say next???

Well, as long as we're up................

Sunday, Me TOTALLY ill. Sicker than a dog. S got ill, C is still ill. D is not doing so hot. Rick no problems yet.

Monday, slept literally all day, evening, and night.

Tuesday, cancelled everything and slept til 3pm. Had a better evening. Over looked the house.

This morning, Much better. A little wibbly but doing fine. I even tackled a bit of the house.

Now on to the Volunteer job tonight!


Friday, April 18, 2008

In the Round

In the round
This was a fun project. I ended up having to crochet the bottom and sew it on with DMC floss. I was going for an American Indian color and pattern theme.
This is a book mark of a Carl Larsson painting "playing scales".
I did this for a gift. S's teachers at school. I am working on another one.
I am not sure if this one worked out as well as I had planned.
I will post the other one when it is done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My new unpaid "job"

This is my new Volunteer job. I got the job yesterday at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. I will work Wednesday evening for 4 hours. It is a 9 month commitment. I am kind of excited. The job duties are ones that I am very very well equipped for and have years and years of training.

I start next week. I hope that this will give me insights to my options in the Naturalist pursuit. K~

Animal Care Crew: Approximately half our admits are adult animals who have been injured by a car, dog, cat or some other human-related impact on its life. We are thankful for more than 80 year-round volunteers who commit to coming to the center on a weekly basis to provide loving care to these recuperating animals. If you'd like to help injured wildlife return to its natural habitat, we have a great opportunity for you!

RABIES VACCINE INFORMATION: The vaccination is an absolute requirement to work on our year-round Animal Care Crew, and for our Mammal Nursery

Animal Care Crew Duties: -Hands-on patient care: Providing the directed amounts of food and water to injured wild animals. -Providing clean, comfortable housing for each animal (changing newspapers, towels and wiping out cages) -Handling the animal properly (WRC staff provides training) -Helping maintain a clean, sterile hospital environment (sweeping, mopping soiled surfaces, doing laundry, stocking supplies and food, washing windows, etc)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Human Footprint

This is something that has rocked our little family. We are so so green. But after our 10 year old was in tears over how awful we are to mother earth, we have now taken even more steps to be green. We are even looking at a solar panel to power the zoo. I have purchase reusable bags for shopping. We are going to set up an indoor compost bin to go along with our outside bin. We do recycle, but now we will be doing even more. It feels good, but somewhat exhausting to think about. I am in the process of making a chart of how we are going greener so the kids and Rick and I can be reminded of what we do and what more we can do. K~

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just inches away

Most of you don't know it, but I have a project supervisor. He keeps close tabs on what I am working on and how I am handling the materials. He particularly likes to stick his nose into all of my photo shoots. Especially the ones I attempt out doors. He is just a few inches away from every photo. Depending on the light cast, you may even see his shadow in a few. Anyway.... I finally got the shot I needed. Can you believe, it was too sunny to photograph this morning! K~

Blue Flowers

Saturday, April 12, 2008


My boob is fine :-) !! I just found out yesterday around 6 PM. It's not like I had to hound the clinic or anything. I had to call them, then I had to call the test place, then I had to call them, then I had to call the clinic again, then I had to call the doctor on call, then I had to wait until he called me back. It only took all Friday to do. That's all. But, the results were worth the wait. PHEW! This is a painting from Angel Tolentino ("breast stroke").
She paints with her breasts.
Yes, that is a breast fish.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a difference a year makes

If you were with me last year at this time. I posted a blog that was titled "I hate robins". UUUMMMM..... I would take spring any time now, even if it means hearing the robin that was stricken with OCD. I mean really, have you seen it outside. Hey Bob, how are you down there in the blizzard warning zone! We only are only in a storm warning zone. Sheesh! K~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yet again.

Here we go again. I went for a follow up ultra sound yesterday. It, the big black area was still there. Not a hematoma. Hmmm. So I needed another round of biopsies. I chatted with the doctor. He told me they do it the same here as at the hospital. No knock out drugs. So.... I had to do it again. NOT FUN! Of course he said the chances of me bleeding again like I did the first time was very slim. Well, sure enough. I bled all over and had to endure the breast press, YET AGAIN! OUCH. I don't know how a breast can withstand that kind of torture! I mean really. This time, however, they got 4 samples. So now I wait. He didn't feel that it resembled the big C. Here is hoping and praying. K~

Friday, April 04, 2008

Sheep mountain is going

It's sad but true, but our truck needs to go. We love it. But... with gas at $3.25 a gallon, we just can's afford it. It does look nice though. We actually looked
un hillbilly like when we drove it. It was fun while it lasted. We have had it parked for about 6 months now, and well as rick said he is torn between his 2 love money and truck?? Well maybe his 1 love at least. I do feel bad for Rick. He is driving a VERY beat up read toyota camery. Garbage, rust and all. Oh well, we need to provide for our little family. We will get over it. And maybe it won't sell. K~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's spring in Minnesota!

April Fools!!

These deck chair don't look so inviting. I tell ya! I am so ready for a little green. HOWEVER, I do love March snow. I think it is just beautiful. Now, it can go away. K~