Monday, January 30, 2012

Perdi is growing up

Perdi is doing just fine these days.  She was quiet a weak little lizard when I got her.  With daily leg exercises and hand feeding, she is using 3 of her 4 legs regularly now.  She just LOVES my laptop.  She likes to sleep on my laptop keys.  Puff used to do this until he got too heavy.  Then he kept typing letters so I had to move him. Francis loves to display his dominance  over her.  He bobs his head and she waves her arms in the air. K~

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful Morning

I woke up this morning to this sight. 
 I sleep right under a sky window.
  I see stars on a clear night and clouds floating by.  
I love when it rains and storms. 
 The lightening is stunning.
  I recommend a sky window. K~

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I know I am just talking to myself (and maybe Bobbi :-)) but I have several things going on in my head today.  One thing that stands out is:

I wonder if anyone that I know eats food from a "regular" store that sells food, and not only in their organic section. Some foods I have in mind are fruit and veggies, frozen chicken strips, pizzas, waffles, milk, cheese. 

Frankly I am trying to find people that I don't need to feel shame every time I get home from being out with them.  I am quite tired of being sad about what I provide my family.  I am convinced that people must eat stuff from say Super Target (where I shop) because, if the didn't the store would eventually close right? Or at least stop selling food.  Rainbows and Cubs would close.  Walmart's that carry food would be gone. No fast food would be eaten.  

I was just starting to feel good about myself for buying fruit and cheerios to feed my family.  I have been buying meat and preparing it instead of having it all come from a bag.  I have been working really hard on providing only whole wheat bread.  I now find out that it's all bad and I have not even begun to do anything good for my family.  

I suppose I just don't get it.  I frankly know one person who, in front of me, fed her kids chicken strips from a bag. (thanks to you know who you are) I don't want to mention names because she, perhaps, feels like I do, and would like to remain in the closet. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012


You know, I have a lot of animals.  Caring for them is constant and brings me joy.  There is a loose routine for me to hold them all, especially my new special needs animals Perdi and Medusa.  Cookie is ill too and needs medicine once a day and special food 3 times a day.  She had to go to the vet on Thursday.  Of course it is poop related.  I have been waiting for Perdi to poop since I have had her and finally it happened.  I needed to hold the snake yesterday, and well need I say it???  Bing and Nala even are having a bit of a problem down there.  Sigh.  So, I am almost literally covered in it at any given time.  Lots of wipes, bathes, showers, paper towels, regular towels and so on and so on.  Yet, I still keep up with it.  I still reach into the cage for an unsure snuggle.  Diapers are hard for snakes and lizards to wear.  Believe me I have tried.  K~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It has been 11 days of the new year and so far things are holding steady.  I am sitting here after feeding Perdi and Francis.  Now I am holding Medusa.  I really get a feeling of satisfaction taking care of may family and my animals.  I have been working on the house too.  We got a "new" couch and a "new" chair and ottoman.  I have been starting sure but slow to go through things and get rid of things.  It feels good.  I was working on an afghan I am giving as a gift, and Medusa is now snuggled in it and I can't work on it.  Sigh.  That's ok. Just hangin out tonight.  Homework starts soon.  K~

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Welcome to the Zoo

This is Perdita (which means rescued), we call her Perdi
She is the smaller Bearded Dragon.  She was a rescue.  The vet at work called me and asked me if I could take her.  She has Metabolic Bone disease. This has limited her use of her hind legs and tail.  Her tail is 1/2 gone too.  Someone just dropped her off at a vet in St. Cloud in very bad condition.  She had to have medicine when she came to me.  I need to work on feeding her everything other than crickets.  I do leg exercises every day to help tone her muscles.  She has improved some. 

 This is Medusa.  She is an adoptee.  She is an albino corn snake and is about 3 feet long.  I adopted her from the same owner as Boris and Natasha.  She is sweet, but has a biting issue.  I need to hold her daily at risk of being bit to get her used to me.  She has not actually bit me, but she has struck at my head, neck and arms.  She used to be extremely tame, but needs more lovin.  Thus the adoption.  She does like to sit on my lap like a cat.  Her she is curled up by a stuffed animal I use as an elbow pillow.  She is huge compared to our little Mazey.  K~