Monday, November 26, 2007


This is my story.

My entire family went roller skating yesterday.

"Mommy, are you going?" my kids chimed in.
"I will watch, but, I will not skate, I'd break something for sure!" I said.

D (left) and his friend A.
Oh, and my stud muffin Rick, cutting it up!

So after I took these awful photos, I went shopping for some Christmas gifts....SCORE! I just had to pick up a final piece of a gift we have wanted to get for one of the kids, that was at a store by or house. Yeah.

We dropped off one of the friends after roller skating. The plan was, mom was needing to pick up something at her craft store, which happened to be very close to place that I had the last part of the gift on hold! Perfect!

Rick dropped me off. I went into the craft store as a decoy. They left to drop friend #2 off at home. I proceed to pick up the last component... done, and done well I must say!!

I step into another store to check something out. I come out, I see them. I have my alibi ready if I needed it.

I am almost to the curb, I trip over the curb, I am falling......

I hit my right fingers first, they go all the way back and hit the back of my hand, no time to react much, I proceed to take the rest of the full force of the fall on my left cheek and boob!

Knees...they come last!

I am screaming! Rick helps me in the car. we are one the way to the Urgent Care. This happened at 5 PM.

Finally Rick picks me up at the 2nd Urgent Care (first has no X-ray that night) at 8:10PM. Guess it wasn't so urgent.

And I look like this.

Goes all the way past my elbow. I could not stop laughing in the doctors office. I feel he went a bit overboard. NOT BROKEN. he was surprised. Just major screwed up tendons, ligaments and muscles. At first he came in with a 3 foot long aluminum foil tube, I thought, you are not putting that on me, then he did this, not much better.

I am sore. I think I have a bit o whip lash, 2 sore knees, my left thumb is swollen an very sore, My boob seems OK but sore, my cheek looks like Rick gave me a nice punch to my face (no seriously officer, "I tripped up a curb") My right hand has completely given up. First the thumb, that just started feeling normal, now this.

Boy, I am sure glad I didn't go skating. Wouldn't have wanted to hurt myself!!

(all typed with left hand hunting and pecking!)

Oh, I am not celebrating anymore holidays.

First pumpkin then gifts......

Hey Kids, Mommy hates holidays!!! :-)


Friday, November 16, 2007


Here is a double study I finished. The painting is from the early 21st century :-) I didn't date it. Always a bad idea if you are an artist. You should keep records of your work, oh well. Then I just finished a book mark that I used my painting as an inspiration piece. The colors are a bit too red/pink in the book mark. But I think the leaves worked. And now, I know how to finish my painting. Those white areas are not really part of my plan that I had sketched out on a yellow post it note. K~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Love Lucy- Vitameatavegamin

This is just classic! Enjoy. K~

What yummy gifts...I feel so special

I got my birthday gifts from Bobbi when I went to South Dakota last weekend. They were terribly yummy. The purse, hand made by Bob. My favorite colors. I actually was wearing an outfit to match when we went shopping. The necklace was created by Kristi. It has a coveted "W" on it. Her last name starts with a "W" as well. I feel so special. I wear the necklace all the time. The only problem, is I think my dog or cat is always following me. The necklace clinks like their collars do :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where to begin!!

Boy it was fun in South Dakota. It's like going home for me. I love the fields of stinky farms and the view for miles and miles. I just love it down there. Now, the drive could have been 169 miles shorter. I tell ya, when I turned onto I90 or what I like to call the "straight ribbon wind tunnel of flatness", it said Sioux Falls 169 miles!! I just about panicked and turned around. I am so glad I didn't. It was too fun. We ate a delicious yummy gooey pizza, I have never tried before! And get this......I bought Bobbi some monkey slippers and she bought me "socks to stay home in" slippers! TOO Funny! We always seem to have the same brain when it comes to stuff. Bobbi and I chatted and went to bed early :-) Oh boy, I could go to sleep when I wanted to. Just like that!! Then we got up on Friday and "Wasted the whole day!" shopping and shopping oh and did I mention shopping! I did quite well for not having any money! I think I did get a couple of Christmas gifts purchased. We ate the most wonderful taco salad EVER! We watched the only 4 channels Bobbi gets. What were they? 22,33,44,55,66? Too funny. I did like the ridiculous bride show. I must catch that again this Friday. My thumb held out fine. I had recovered nicely for me to finish the 4th strip of my crocheted afghan, my purse, and a book mark. I also did 4 or so rows on the bottom of my cross stitch box. Then Saturday. Bobbi had us up at sunrise to clean her perfectly immaculate house. We had enough yummy food to feed a small army. Oh, Bobbi makes homemade carmel corn the night before, and I tell you. I snacked on that all night and all day. Back to Saturday. Everyone came with piles of more food. I ate and ate and ate. We made these super neat crafts and I met 3 new fantastic women. Casey, Erin, and Sara. After learning that Erin drove 7 days across the Yukon Territory from Alaska to South Dakota with 3 children (6, 2 and 7 months) with her husband I started to think twice about complaining about the 169 miles! Welcome Erin to the Midwest! Sara and Casey were too sweet and too talented! Then there was Kristi.... The crafting maniac!! She can craft. I swear I looked over by her and paper was a flying. Bobbi was looking up phrases from an old children's book. I wish I could remember them all. "Take a look at my donkey?" was one, or something like that. Well needless to say we were very tired that night and were asleep by 9:30. Sunday was relaxing and sad. Time to go back home! It was a super fun weekend! Thanks Bobbi!! K~

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Going South!

Off to South Dakota I go!!! I better stop blogging and start packing! I want to leave in about an hour. I need to vacuum, sweep, do the dishes, shower, pack and oh, get some things ready for the kids, because Rick is taking them and the dog camper cabin camping tonight! My thumb is about up to 70% better. Still need to rest it from crafting now and again. So I will be slow but sure for Saturdays craft fest!! Don't have a photo for today, so I will just put something in for all to look at. I hope to blog when I am a Bobbi's, but She has a user friendly Mac and I have the not so user friendly other kind. I am so needing this break!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Honey....Why is the inside of the refrigerator smoking??

I open our refrigerator last week. Smoke comes billowing out. I see that an egg carton is aglow with embers. I quickly take the carton out of the fridge and put it on the counter. Run water over it, and put the embers out. I ask Rick, "Honey, why was there a burning egg carton in the refrigerator?" His reply, "Oh, it started on fire when I was boiling eggs. I thought that would go out." Now, of all things, I have a burn mark inside my new refrigerator. Not everyone can say that!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Bing!

Bing is one!
He got groomed on Thursday TOTALLY SHAVED.
We now call him Bi-Bo-Hi-Po. His face still looks like Bing, His head, ears and legs look like my moms recently passed dog Buttons. His neck looks like my moms new dog Heidi, very Giraffe like. And Lastly his body looks like Ricks mom's dog that has since passed, Polly.
There for Bi-Bo-Hi-Po!!
I think he looks like Mr. Peabody from Sherman and Mr. Peabody. I am not sure if anyone remembers this cartoon. I am old now :-)
You be the judge.


Monday, November 05, 2007

better today...thanks

Hi All. Thanks so much for your kind words.
I am much better today. The thumb is still infected, but the big white thing is off, I am off the codeine (darn) and am doing fine. I can kind of use it now and again. I doesn't look bad at all. I had my toe done 5 years ago. Still remember it like it was yesterday. If anyone says they need to trim out your nail, just cut your finger off with a knife. It would hurt less.

Oh Susan, OUCH!! Having it done 2 times is 2 times too many for me.

Last night, I had to take a fish hook that was deeply lodged in my husbands finger, out with a pliers. That was GROSS!! it hurt a lot, but he was just fine 10 minutes later!
Not a good week for the Walshes.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Well...never carve and gut 9 pumpkins. Yeeeouch. I had the most blinding screaming painful night I can almost ever remember, last night.
I had an infected thumb. I tried to ignore it, but when I accidentally tapped it on the target cart handle, I almost fainted. I am not one to faint.
At 8 PM I couldn't take it anymore. I called my sister and asked her to come over. The kids were sucked into a movie, and I said "Mommies going to the doctor now, Marsha will be here soon, Dad has the cell phone, bye" I left.
I sat in the Urgent care lobby, wiggling and moaning for 45 minutes. Luckily the Doctor must have been a huge ex biker. He needed to be to hold my thumb still enough to do the procedure. The lobby was privy to my screaming pain. The nurse couldn't even hide her horror. Then as I left then check in girl had a look of fear on her face.
OK, that SUCKED!!
I got to Walgreen's. The pharmacy tech asked when I needed these prescriptions. I said, not so nicely, "NOW, I just had a needle stuck up my infected thumbnail." Which grossed out the other pharmacy tech standing next to him.
I stood not so still trying to look at some star gossip magazines through my pain. When I finally got my codeine from the pharmacists, I was shaking to get my water bottle open, that I had yet paid for. Ripped the bag open with meds in it, that had yet been payed for, looked for the word codeine, opened it an took two. Never checked the name on the bottle!! I believe I paid for everything. I tossed him my card and got it back. Grabbed the rest of my antibiotics, etc. and screamed all the way home. WOW!! I finally had to convince Rick to get me a 3rd codeine an hour later. I think I then fainted from pain or fell asleep. I am now drugged up and have figured out how to crochet, write, and type without a right thumb. THE END!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Gang!

C is a ghost pirate,
D is a Karate person,
S is a baseball player
and Bing is a mop!!

Not 3 Not 6 But 9 Pumpkins carved!!

Well we had a nice Halloween. My hands, however, hurt a little from carving out 9 pumpkins. 3 large, one for each child, 3 medium, one for each build a bear, and 3 small squash, one for each webkinz. I used 7 band aids last night on my aching fingers. We have enough candy to sink a ship! I don't know what to do with it all. I AM NOT EATING IT....I AM NOT EATING IT....I AM NOT EATING IT!! K~