Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You're FIRED!!

Ok, I am really not a dog person. I have certain expectations of a dog.
1. They eat all the food that falls on the floor, so I don't have to sweep or mop anymore.
2. They sit with me when I want, for as long as I want.
3. They pee and you know what, OUTSIDE!
4. They come when I call them!
5. They help me wake up my kids in the morning.
Our 5 month old puppy, jumps up on the bed sniffs their heads and then curls up to take a nap. Did it with all 3 this morning! I have fired him so many times, and he still hangs around.........


Karen said...

But he's SOOOOOO cute!!!

K~ said...

He is adorable, and I love him, just not sure what to do with his sloppy work ethics........K~

Karen said...

Yeah, good luck with that. Dogs are like kids, they aren't born civilized.