Tuesday, April 17, 2007


1st and most important COFFEE!!

Then Yarn!!

Yes, this yarn is made from Bamboo..... Going to have to google how that's made!!

The purchases. The left is a purse I crocheted out of recycled sari's from India. They are sent to the women's cooperatives in Nepal. Then the "yarn" is sold at a fair market price. The Felted bag is also from the same women's cooperative in Nepal. Look at the adorable felted ball for the pull on the zipper.

Ok, I laughed until I cried!! I love this persons art work. Anne Taintor!http://www.annetaintor.com/index.html

Me and Bob!! I am so sad that Kristi is not in the photo!! I took this from her blog. Thanks :-)

Check out the awesome GREEN wall. LOVE it!!!!

Ok... Another awesome shop..... I want almost everything. Only bought candles! I'm Happy!!

I Had such a fabulous Saturday!! I had a true blue Girls day out!! It started with Coffee and yarn shopping, then trinket shopping at Bibelot, Off to Highland Grill for YUMMY deep fried green bean, sweet potato fries, and a grilled cheese sandwich for me :-) !! Then to Patina for more trinkets, candles and bobbles. We topped it off with a trip to the Pet store to see hedge hogs and puppies!!

How can it get better then that? Later, I visited my Friend Bobbi and my new found friend Kristi! Both from Sioux Falls South Dakota!! Can't wait to go their for a LOOONG weekend.



Susan said...

You guys look like you had a blast. Love Bibelot too. So many fun things.

bobbione8y said...

i still want a hedgehog.

so glad we got a whole day.
next time we'll try for two :))

love ya.