Monday, April 23, 2007


(Stock photo, This Robin is innocent of all wrong doing!)

Well at least the particular one that has been singing the same song sing 4 AM!! Over and Over and Over and Over!! I started to whistle it back to him. I mean really.... find a mate already, or move on!!
I really feel bad about hating the poor guy, but I have now been driven insane by a 5" high brown and red bird!! Who know that was what it would finally take!!


Karen said...

Have you seen 'Failure to Launch?' Your story made me laugh and reminded me of the bird in that movie!

K~ said...

No I have not seen that movie! I am so sure!! The bird is still singing!! K~

Susan said...

You know when I read this I was reminded of the woodpecker who lived at my parents house. It was up at the break of dawn in the summer and would peck, peck, peck all day on a telephone pole made of fake wood. Stupid bird.

Karen said...

Get the movie, you'll love it!

bobbione8y said...

Last night in our worship group WE THANKED GOD for the singing birds. we praised Him for every chirp that came out of their mouths. We asked Him to bring every single one of em to song.

he he he he.

That is why this is so FUNNY to me :)
especially from a woman with 147 animals INSIDE her home.

K~ said...

I don't know. It just kept singing that song. It kept it up all day and most of the evening. I have heard it again this morning. Most of my animals are quiet ones. Except for my turtle with ocd. He drives me nuts too!! Thanks you God for every song of every bird no matter how annoying!! K~