Monday, June 18, 2007

Gull Lake Update

Well It has been 42 hours at Gull Lake. I am unable to download photos from here, so that will have to wait. Here is the re cap so far.

Left at 2:30 - Nala our cat was not interested in showing up, so we needed to call our zoo sitter Marsha to come an let her in later, so we could finally leave.

2:40 - Are we there yet? came from the back of the van from our 5 year old

3:15 - McDonald's stop.

4:00 - Bathroom stop

5:45 - Gull Lake

5:55 - All the kids and Bing are swimming. Bing is in the water WAY past his head, and he snorts like a piglet as he swims

The unexpected - Bing comes out of the water and rolls in the sand over and over again. He looks like a sugar donut.
- C and D get small red dots all over their body.....Swimmers Itch!!
-Had to make scrambled eggs and toast for the father in law on Sunday morning, oh, and coffee, oh and clean up his dishes, in their cabin, not ours.
-S gets swimmers itch
-Get an invite for bacon and french toast by the father in law, while I ( and the entire family) am still in bed. He apparently needed some more eggs too.

I am now doing my first load of laundry. We have had a very full almost 2 days. So far so good?? K~


bobbione8y said...


wow, this what is this world coming to :))

and how did you hook that up?


K~ said...

There is a computer in the lodge, so I just go on it quickly to check my email and check my blog. Also, I of course have to google here and there. I don't know how much more I will do it. K~

Susan said...

Hope you guys are having a great time. We are heading up there in August. Can't wait.

Where on Gull are you?

K~ said...

We go to Gull Lake Resort on the south end. You turn left at the pirate mini golf course and it is at the end of the road to the right. Where are you going? K~

Karen said...

Just the name Gull Lake sounds wonderful. I hope you're having a blast!!

K~ said...

We are having a very good time. Can't believe how fast it all goes! K~

Chris said...

Jealous! Have a fabulous time.