Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am, yet again, overwhelmed!
I need to pull back, but how, when everyone has things goin' on!
I am going to go to my happy place this afternoon.
And if I can't sit still there, I am just going to bed!!


Karen said...

I think we're all there. If I had any good advice, I'd hand it out now. Unfortunately, I seem to be as good at overbooking as the next girl.

What I really want, more than almost anything, is to take a nap. Wouldn't that be grand?? If I were at your house, I would take a nap right out there on your deck, next to those red flowers and hopefully, Puff.

K~ said...

Hi Karen, The problem with me is that when I get so overwhelmed, I get drawn to the bed like a magnet. I wake up in my own drool at about an hour later. My 5 year olds eyes are falling out from watching TV and he has found every source of sweets he can find, in the house. Not good!! K~

Karen said...

Yeah, but drool and sweets are not the end of the world!

K~ said...

Thanks. K~

Chris said...

I hope those flowers are near your happy place, I could sit and stare at those forever!