Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Itchy My Backy!!!!!



Not the best photos, but I had to document the nights, days, minutes, seconds, hours and every waking and sleeping moment scratching the itches. I felt so bad for them all. C got it worst. She got it swimming and then she didn't swim, so instead, she collected snails and clams. (Swimmers itch comes from snails), so she got re infected. D had them cover him. On the night he got them, I thought he was over reacting and was so frustrated to scratch scratch scratch a night long! Then the morning light shown on the situation! S had it least bad, but he wanted me to take a photo of his itches. It seems sad to say that 20+ dots were "not that bad". No trip to Urgent Care this year, but, I think this makes up for it!! K~

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