Saturday, July 28, 2007


My trip to Chicago!!

First my sister and I stayed at the Chicago Hilton on Michigan Avenue!! BEAUTIFUL. I love that hotel. I only felt a little guilty helping Paris with giving her a bit more money to play with. This is my bed....all to myself!!! I put the Martha Stewart Living on it to make it look even more comfortable and inviting!!!

The reason for the visit!

My annual Pampered Chef National Convention. It was nice. The new products are neat and I did learn a bit of stuff between my book and crossword I was working on.

Sue, my director of 9 years.
My Sister and I went around town and looked at the sights.
A neat statue on our walk.
The Lion Statue out side of the Art Museum.
A cool fountain in Millennium Park.
The bean. Super Neat!!
Buckingham Fountain
(My sister and I would always accidentally call it Buckingham Palace)
A Clipper ship in the harbor.
One of the big towers.....Sears??
Navy Pier

Oprah did live on the top floor of this building, does live on the top floor of this building, or someone was just telling me that.

The Light house at the end of Navy Pier.

A Sea Gull. All I could think of was "mine, mine" from Nemo.

A huge coast guard cutter docked at Navy Pier. Quite impressive.

Chicago Sky Line from Navy Pier.

We had a most lovely day. We also looked at a globe exhibit that was scattered a few places around town.

I will blog those soon.


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