Monday, August 06, 2007

Nature, it's all over me, get it off me!!

"While all those soft city folks are in their beds reading books, we're out here pitting ourselves against the forces of nature"......SB
(during quote, Squidward (aka mommy) is pictured doing just that)
Let me explain..........

"We", Rick, decide we needed to go tent camping this year. All, so we can take the truck on forest roads!

It was 300 degrees outside with a humidity of the Congo jungle!! I was dripping wet the second the air conditioning went off on the truck! My toe slides out of the open door and instantly I am bitten by biting flies! C is running around screaming, due to biting. The ground is wet AND sandy. Bing thinks he's a campin' dog!! We set up the tent, I make the beds and we retreat into the oven to get away from the flies. There we sat D, C and Me! Rick and S went fishing. Later, the dog joins us with 4 paws full of sand. The entire tent is full of damp sand. Rick proceeds to do a famous stuffed animal puppet show. C can't stand it, it's so funny, and proceeds to pee through 3 layers of bedding. Emotions run high. We make it through the night.
The next day, we are going to go to town via forest roads. 10 minutes turn into 1 hour and a half. Then we make it into "town" of 400. There is a public beach. The kids have a super fun time. They are being so good!! D comes up after about 2 hours and says his ear hurts. Moments later he is crying and moaning. In the care to the clinic, he is screaming. We are at the clinic for a total of an hour and at Wal-mart for another 45 minutes with 2 very helpful and SLOWWWWWWW.... pharmacist and helper.

Everyone wants to go home. (Mom not so secretly Ecstatic) It is now about 7 PM on the 2ND day. But after taking the forest roads back, the meds have kicked in and the kids want to stay. I am very, very grumpy, to put it mildly. I re assemble the bedding, minus the pee layers, and then spend the remainder of the evening in the AC of the truck. The kids and Rick went fishing. Later, Rick fanned be through the tent window while he sat outside, claiming there were no mosquito's. After the marshmallow drippings of s'mores in the tent, we all settled down for a night of rest.

Rick made a wonderful breakfast. Blueberry pancakes!! and we were tearing down the tent around the sleeping children. Off we went, via forest roads, to the big city!!

I am proud of being a soft city folk!

To quote Melman from Madagascar...
"AHHHH, Nature it's all over me, get it off me!"



bobbione8y said...

Oh Lord.

your commentary was so great, i could SWEAR i was there the whole time.

you guys (ie Rick) are insane!!!

you make us south dakotans look like weakling city folk!!

come here for a weekend, we'll sit around, craft, eat and shop.

no bugs, no sand, no trips to the pharmacy.

well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad :)

K~ said...

yes, that sounds very very nice. i am thinking about that. Seriously!! K~

Karen said...

I love that story! Let me re-phrase--I love that story and am thankful that I wasn't there to experience it firsthand! Family bonding can kill a girl.

K~ said...

you said it Karen. This one is going in my book! K~