Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trying to "weave"

This is a piece that I have been working on for a while now. I was hoping to get it to appear as if I weaved it. I am not quite sure that it worked out like I had planned, but, it kind of turned out interesting.
I have had such a full plate these last 2 weeks. I finally had a day "off" yesterday, and alas, I accidentally picked up the phone. After that, I had a stressful, wasteful day. I just hate when I do that. I don't normally screen my calls. I like when people answer me, so, I answer them, usually happily. But this person and I are not friends, we are school acquaintances at best. Long Long Long story filled with being broadsided and dumb struck (not an uncommon occurrence these days, short, I ended up making her very mad by the end of the day. After 2 conversations with the school principal and 3 conversations with a good friend of mine, now, I find myself searching for the rock I just crawled out from under.
It is odd that my life used to be filled with confrontation. I was actually "good" at it. It was part of my every day life. I put my gloves on every morning, along with my matching shirt and socks. Now, I usually run as fast as I can from it. I change my agenda to avoid it. I am not as efficient to say the least, with out it, and yet, I, for the most part embrace my new found inefficiency. Even if the service in the restaurant sucks, I just tip them 10% instead of 20%.
Now as I sit here with another sleepless night under my belt, I will be reaching for my coffee, stare into the distance for a bit, and then get the kids up for another round, we call a day. DING DING.... come out fighting.


bobbione8y said...

oh boy.

yes, i remember the younger kirsten with the thicker skin and the attitude to match. i also remember the tole it took on her to get through the day.

i like the older, softer kirsten better. but i wish i could just wrap around her like a big handmade comforter and keep her from going into those situations again.

on a somewhat funny note, i thought you were talking about one of YOUR school acquaintances! he he. i was thinking "sheesh kirst, it's been 20 years since you were in school, GET OVER IT."

then, i realized that school will not be over for you until S. is 22.

oh my. that is a bit scary. hope today was better.

K~ said...

thanks. K~

bobbione8y said...



LOVE the "weaving"!!!!!!!!!

i think it looks woven, i was eyeing it over on your web sidebar awhile ago!

K~ said...

Thanks, I think it looks neat, but was unsure if it looks woven. I appreciate your input! K~