Friday, March 28, 2008

Another left over

This is another small left over afghan that I just finished. The un-square center square is originally a pillow front I made. I knit/perled the center orange and then crocheted around it. The small squares are mostly knitting swatches. I then, crocheted around to finish off the blanket. I put a flower frill on the edge. The thing I like the most, is that it is cotton! K~


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten,
Greetings from the most Northwesterly point in the US. I'm on spring break and up in Orcas Island for a few days. It has SNOWED and the ground in frosty. I've lost my winter driving mojo, also I live amongst people who never had it, so I'm staying put it burns off.
The last time I was here I stayed at a resort with a yurt and cloting optional hot-tub, this time I have indoor plumbing and a private hot tub,quite wonderful. back to reality on Wed.
Nice blankey, very colorful
I'll send pictures if the middle schoolers can show me how to use my digital camera uploading thingy

Anonymous said...

It's Lisa, btw. This damn thing won't acknowledge my id or password. So I'm using your anonymous feature.

K~ said...

Uuummm, is this Lisa?? K~

Karen said...

Dude. You are talented. I love it!