Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Ever!

Yuri is absolutely crazy, too. The photo is just for a photo's sake.

I have had a head ache now since Friday night! I am so sick of it! I almost went to the doctor today, but it has subsided a bit since this afternoon. I tell ya. If it isn't one thing it is another. I am trying to "relax" a bit tonight and use a lot of "vanishing" odor Ben Gay, Yeah, That is not true. I smell like a nursing home resident. I also need to go and get a filling back on one of my teeth. It fell off once, had it replaced and it then fell off again about 2 weeks later. It is finally starting to hurt! sheesh. At first I was thinking the head ache had to do with my tooth, then I figured it is just bad blood flow to my brain again. Yes, I know that explains a lot. Just a falling apart here!! K~

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Karen said...

I know this won't help you so much--except maybe to make you laugh. When you write about stress and tension it reminds me of how my chiropractor (who looks like Matthew McConaughey) told me that I carry my stress in my butt. HA! Not really in my actual butt, but in my lower spine, which makes my butt hurt. Funny? Are you smiling? I hope a little. I'll say a prayer for your head.