Saturday, April 12, 2008


My boob is fine :-) !! I just found out yesterday around 6 PM. It's not like I had to hound the clinic or anything. I had to call them, then I had to call the test place, then I had to call them, then I had to call the clinic again, then I had to call the doctor on call, then I had to wait until he called me back. It only took all Friday to do. That's all. But, the results were worth the wait. PHEW! This is a painting from Angel Tolentino ("breast stroke").
She paints with her breasts.
Yes, that is a breast fish.


Karen said...

I LOVE the breast fish! I am so happy happy happy to hear your good news. I will be thanking God for it all day long!

bobbione8y said...


K~ said...

Hi Guys, Thanks much. I have done a bit of thanking God these past few days. I do like having 2 boobs.

I have know of this artist for quite some time. I have wanted to make a painting for Rick for our anniversary for many years, but have not gotten to it. I may just have to this year in light of all of this. If I do, I will post it!