Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crows Poop

It's a shame that the flight room is cleaner then my own house! I had to hose down the flight room last night. I was in enclosures with flying birds. Weird! I just knew I was going to get a beak in the skull, but I didn't. Here are a few of the birds that I mingled with. (stock photos) Oh, by the way, Crows are BIG and they poop a lot. They also have the grossest food and apparently like to look at themselves in a mirror. I asked the girl that was training me in, if I should pick up smashed stuff on the road, or old McDonald's bags on the side of the road for the crow. She found that amusing. K~

American Crow

Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers

Female Cardinal



Rock Pigeons

(attended in flight room and in rehab cages)

Common Pigeon

(attended in flight room and in rehab cages)


Karen said...

I have an uncle in Yankton who would gladly come take care of that crow. The pigeons, too. The Monkey used to call pigeons, "City birds," for obvious reasons. He loved to chase them down.

I liked the phrase, "beak in the skull." Nice.

Unknown said...

I couldn't stop thinking of you the entire time I was at the beach in Poipu, Kuaui. You would have been in heaven. In a matter of minutes both a monk seal and a sea turtle beached themselves to sun bathe. The birds on the island were amazing, too. I will try to post photos soon. We pulled an all nighter to fly home and now we have our days and nights mixed up. I know, poor me :)

KristieLou said...

I love your animal saving stories. This is so cool!