Thursday, May 29, 2008

A night of woopes!

A "work" count down.

5 hours of work

4 times I completely sprayed myself with a hose (face, shirt, pants, shirt again).

1 gallon of freshly made green spilled all over the floor!!!

1 large loon calling many times while I worked - SUPER COOL

1 robin on a nebulizer - yes a nebulizer

35 birds fed and cleaned....check and check

11 turtles fed and cleaned

1 very large, angry, crabby, hissing goose flying at me in a small room

1 scream -yes, from me, while the goose is flying at me

2 loads of extremely stinky hay filled mammal laundry PU

6 LARGE overfilled garbage cans on the curb 3 feet apart- requirement!

100+ grubs and meal worms sorted through
Once I snuggled into bed at 11:00 AM my cat wanted me to pet her. It was her birthday after all. Nala is 7. THEN....a cat started to meow very loudly outside and Nala proceeded to jump onto my left breast (I was laying on my right side) with her back paws square on my fresh breast scar and SPRANG full force off the bed, using my breast as the spring board. OUCH! what a way to end my day. I don't know if I fell asleep or slipped into a pain induced coma, but either way, I got to sleep until 1:00 PM when I had to let Nala out for her nightly romp. Now I am "awake" and ready to get busy for the day.


bobbione8y said...

just this morning i was telling phillip how siesta has taken to walking all over me at about 5am. and yes, they love to springboard off the most delicate body parts, don't they?!

happy bday nala!

work sounds fun :)))

K~ said...

Yes, Breakfast this morning consists of yogurt, fiber one cereal, ice coffee, and 4 advil. I kind of live off of coffee and advil these days! K~