Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Round 3

Well the breast results that were fine, have now lead me to another minor surgery. I had to see a breast surgeon today. This time it will take all day and I get to be loopy in the process, well, part of it anyway. I have to have the entire lump thing removed on May 16th!
"It's fine, but we need to remove it, just in case" ..... it's not fine????
Man, I tell ya, I wanted to NOT go today. I cancelled the appointment 3 times. But, I dragged my butt in there and now, I need to have the lump thing removed.
deep sigh! K~


bobbione8y said...

uh boy.

i love the "its fine but we'll remove it just in case" line.

nothing like concrete proof to make you trust em.

hey, i am still coming up on sunday, right? let me know if things change :)

Karen said...


Just another chance to trust God, my friend.

This from a woman who canceled her pap smear for three years...

Karen said...

Oh, and that painting? It scares me.

K~ said...

Yes Bob, you are very welcome to come up. We will see you Sunday evening. Wear washable clothes and nothing that can't be thrown away. Our house is less then clean.

Yes, That painting spoke to me some how. It might be the big belly, but I just seem to like it for some reason.

I will and am trusting God. Mostly that he gives me enough hours in a day to be a good wife, mom, sister, daughter, daughter in low, volunteer, zoo keeper, schedular and everything else that springs up. K~