Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A week in review

This was my last week. Starting Wednesday 5/7-5/14.

I sold my first thing on ETSY! Yeah! I packaged it up and sent it on it's way. I hope the person likes it.

Thursday 5/8

The meeting that brought frustrating news for us, was followed by a Project Fair at C's school. She did her report on Panthers. It was fun to see her so proud.

S getting his Yellow Belt in Karate. He was so proud and excited! Congrats!

C not getting her Purple belt.........................

Friday 5/9

S's "the very busy spider" play. He was a cat.

I went to a meeting in the afternoon. It was an extremely exciting meeting after struggling with this idea for 3 years. They even seemed more excited then we did. More on this later. YEAH!!!

The evening resulted in a sleep over that followed the next morning with a very rainy canoe trip!
Saturday 5/10
Mother's Day 5/11 - 5/13.
Bob came up that evening and we had a most wonderful 2 days together. Here she is at the board walk by my "work". We saw a deer extra close up too. Must be a "city" deer. We shopped and ate lunch together. We bought A LOT of plants and just loved it. Hey Bob, "Would you like a bag with that??"

Last night, I cleaned my house, went to a very cold and wet soccer practice for S, missed a baseball game of D's, after which, I helped with 2 kids homework and dealt with a super emotional 6 year old for a few hours.

Today brings me full circle with C's 11 Birthday. 11 !!! We had donuts and a small gift opening.

Then I am off to have my final Rabies shot, a special school brunch at D's class, dropping off product around the city, getting Bing's hair shaved off, and to the Mall of America for a 11 year old dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe!

Phew! K~


bobbione8y said...

aw man.

i miss you and your crazy life already :))

i told a client this morning about how evil plastic bags are ruining the world. or at least minnesota :)

he he.

K~ said...

Yes Bob, I thought of you bright and early this morning when I was ever so politely asked "do you want a bag with that?" :-) It will forever cast a smile on my face. K~

Karen said...

Holy crap, woman. Your list is twice as long as mine, and you got everything done! I hope you and Bobbi took time to smell the roses (and drink the coffee). I hope this week is slower!