Monday, June 02, 2008

If you take the Walsh family fishing.........

Make sure you get ring side seats to the show.

Oh My Word!

I can not believe how much chaos and comedy one family can provide. It started out innocently enough. We went to a sweet little lake to go fishing and try Bing out in the canoe. (we were still thinking of the BWCA this summer) Here are the children by the shore. In the mean time, Bing had escaped up a hill and stolen a brownie off of a child's plate and wolfed it down.

The fishing rods were a flyin'. We got the line in the trees so many times, Rick was about to go mad.

I proceeded to catch a turtle, yes, a painted turtle. It got off before I could photograph it.

Then..... S caught a big carp! He was so excited.

Then it was time to test Bing in the canoe. He did ok. He whined the entire time and was extremely antsy, but stayed put.
The disembarkment however, could have gone a bit more smoothly. Bing jumped onto the bank and wobbled the canoe. C not being so adept to counter balance, just seemed to go with the rocking canoe. Once Rick's hip touched the water, I knew it was all over. There they went! I got the picture of the full canoe, but was laughing a bit hard to catch the initial entry into the water.
So the kids went swimming.
Then we did some fishing from shore and the canoe. Rick, D and C went in the canoe and S and I stayed on shore for a time. ONE cast after Rick paddled away, and the hook, worm and bobber were in the tree. I tried, in vane, to get it loose. So I just left it hanging there for Rick to get it free.

We all made it home alive and are thinking more about possibly cancelling the BWCA part of our summer trip. K~


bobbione8y said...

love the photos in this post, they really DO tell a story.

looks like a good typical walsh family day :))) with all the ups and downs that entails!

K~ said...

That is so true. Miss you. K~

Stephanie said...

This reminds me of when I was growing up :) I love the BWCA (well, minus the mosquitoes of course) LOL

K, I don't have a retail location in Arizona, but if you ever make it up to Jerome, the LYS up there will soon be stocking my yarns :D