Thursday, July 17, 2008

all rabied up and ready to serve

Well, I finally got my rabies titer from the Mayo clinic yesterday. I am filled with the rabies vaccine. - is this why i am so crabby?-
So I got to care for a fellow like this one. This is a baby woodchuck. Too cute.
And a little fellow like this. He decided to chew a hole in his kennel and fall from the top shelf. I found him on the floor just sitting there. After a vet check over, and a taped up kennel, I tucked him in with some fresh hay and food for the night. He was SOOO adorable!But it wasn't going to be only mammals last night. Sadly, for me, Mr. Swany has gone to sew his wild oats in Iowa. In his place is this giant not so friendly looking Large wild turkey. He turned out to be pretty sweet. I have to admit, stepping into a 8x8 room and having the door closing behind you with one of these is a bit intimidating.
A young Canadian Goose was the heart warming dude of the evening. When I came into Ward D, there he was in his kennel. His water bowl with duck weed was spilled all over the floor and he had it tipped on it's side. He had a broken wing, and could not swim (for now) So, we needed to let him out to exercise and walk around. He made a small chirping like noise the entire time and the only place he stood was right in the pathway of the food and kennel area. The other volunteer and I had to spend the next hour going around him, almost bumping into him and having him seem upset at us for getting into "his" way! When we got his kennel all cleaned up and some new food and a large filled water dish with duck weed floating in it, he got to go back in. With in a few minutes, he was standing in his duck weed. By the time we left for the night (10:15), he had spilled it all over and basically had about a 1/2 cup left in his dish. He was so very endearing.
It seems odd that getting bitten by a few woodpeckers is not the highlight of my night anymore. I tell you, those little guys wanted to snip my fingers off, if it was the last thing they did.
After literally sitting in the gulls kennel, with the gull, to wipe the sides down, I realized, that I have finally arrived as a Wildlife Rehab Volunteer.


bobbione8y said...

a couple of those little fuzzies would be worth the rabies shot :))

the birds? not so sure about that...!

K~ said...

I just love the birds. I am quite surprised by that. I find them very sassy and/or sweet. The fuzzy ones are so cute as well. I just want to talk baby talk to them, and do. K~