Sunday, July 13, 2008

All wrapped up

Well we got that LOVELY weekend wrapped up and it made me very HAPPY!! I had such a good time. I will post my purchases tomorrow some time....Amazing!

Marsha and I had a great time getting home. We enjoyed the weather and chatted and chatted.

We also did some wonderful bird watching too.

We saw:
American White Pelicans - flying in a group and on the water
Blue birds
A male pheasant
A yellow headed black bird
barn swallows
An American goldfinch

Now it is bed time for the kids and I think I am going to go too.


bobbione8y said...

dude. i am quite possible the tiredest (most tired?) i have ever been in my life.

but it was all worth it. loved seeing you.


K~ said...

You totally duded me! How did it go. I will try and call soon. Miss you already. K~