Thursday, July 31, 2008

heed the sign

For some reason, this sign spoke to me................
Can you believe, that I didn't even get into Ward D last night? I was in Ward C that was divided into 2 areas. The back area had 5 ducks and 1 goose. The front area had 2 gulls and 1 green heron (seen above). It was beautiful and adorable. I think Ward C is the room that I need to muster most of my brave energy for. It was the Swan, the Turkey, the Flying ring billed gulls, hissing geese... wow.
After I worked on Ward C a bit, I went to clean and care for 37 turtles, a frog and a toad. Yes there were hissing and jumping snapping turtles there still.
But now, I am a pro at lifting them!
No injuries or attacks this evening. But I still have my bite mark from last weeks attack to remind me of my job.
Happy birthday to me. It's SUPER cloudy and stormy here right now. Hmmm.

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