Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please just stay where you are supposed to!

Last night was another night of escaping!! 2 woodpeckers, one downy woodpecker in the flight room. This one got out of the door (of the pen) immediately. There was about 20 birds in there and it was hard to wave them all off. SO.... I spent a number of minutes trying to catch that little bugger with a net! Then the old pileated woodpecker got out on me again! Sheesh! I swear it was just waiting for me planning his escape. I had to catch him with a net as well, however, he can't fly due to a broken wing. Then he got all caught up in the net, beak, feet, claws, feathers.....Man. I had to gently and VERY carefully loosen him. It was also the night of the naughty, unruly ducks. It was funny at one point a female rouen who would not return to her quarters, was standing outside chatting with and male rouen. I imagined them making plans on meeting up after they get out!

I have also decided to dub Ward D as the new Bermuda Triangle. Once you go in there, no matter the time, you are in that room FOOORRREEEVVER. It is odd. It is like one automatically goes in slow motion. Or it could be that we have about 40 birds to individually feed and clean.

Mr. swany is still there, hissing away at me. Last night you could see was trying to hold his ground towards me. At a few points he just started walking towards me until I stood straight up. Then, he just pretended that he forgot something and went the other way.


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Cassie said...

that's a lot of bird wrangling!

Excited to see you tomorrow!!