Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Thanks for keeping my dad, our family and me in your prayers. It is colon cancer. It has been officially diagnosed. Now the testing begins and the waiting. We have no idea of the prognoses yet or what type of surgery is needed and follow up therapy. It is a bummer that they are so far away, as I know that they/we will need support as my dad works his way through this. I know that I probably be going to Arizona quite soon. In August anyway.
My plate is full, I just need to remember to take it one full day at a time.


Unknown said...

So sorry. I will keep praying. Remember it's your brain that keeps you from understanding these things. Just let go and let what's gonna happen, happen. Love your dad and instill a sense of hope and faith in your family that will make this journey an amazing chance for wonderful memories for everyone.

bobbione8y said...

hey dear. i posted a devotional for you today, thinking of your fam...


Karen said...

Oh, Kirsten. I'm so sorry. I will pray.