Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What the??

Here is Shelley. I tried to be healthy and lazy all at the same time. I am doing more turtle nutrition research and in my asking and searching have come up with the fact that cooking greens are best for the turtles. I have always given them red lettuce, spinach, and leafy stuff like that. So I was in the store and had a "great" idea. I was going to give them canned (already chopped, right in front of me, no need to go to the grocery store) cooking greens. I put this in for Shelley and Yuri. Yuri never even showed up. Shelley, as you can see, took a sniff from a safe distance and then looked at me. I came back 1/2 hour later. The pile was literally untouched and a bit dryer. Shelley had pinned a small note to the plate reading "I'll take mine FRESH, chopped and mixed in with a bit of wet dog food next time. THANK YOU!" Was it I who said turtles don't talk back? K~

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bobbione8y said...

i wish you were here. or more specifically. i wish the turtles were here. i have enough almost too grown up lettuce and spinach going to feed an army of turtles!