Friday, August 08, 2008

Here's the story

Uncle Mike took the 3 kids to Valley fair for their birthday's. They had a BLAST, by the way. Uncle Mike and Father Rick were doing some kind of non communicating in the parking lot, Mike drove off, the camera fell (along with the suntan lotion and something else, the car kind of hit or rolled over the camera, camera works, but does not take photos. Rick: "I'm not buying a new one, you (me) can wait!" Me: " Oh yes I am! Tomorrow!" I got a very nice camera on sale at the W store. It is like my old one and very compatible. Rick and I are speaking again.
The Snapping Turtle Clawing!
day one. AAAHHH Pus Filled!
morning 2. Notice that it is raised funny and EXTREMELY RED!
We, me, are frantically cleaning and sanitising for my folks to come into town Saturday evening. The salt water tank got a new home and so did Ramses. It was Huge and FREE!! YEAH. He thinks he is super cool now.

Let the show begin. K~


Karen said...

Heh, heh. Father Rick. Don't even know him and it's still funny..

bobbione8y said...

"camera works, but does not take photos"

i like this quote. i'm wondering if the kind of work it does makes it at all worth keeping :)

he he. funny story. and yes, father rick is funny too.