Monday, September 01, 2008

11 days

We were gone for 11 days. The first leg of the trip started at 9 am on Tuesday August 19th. Rick stayed up until 3 AM packing and getting ready. BWCA here we come. Don't we look good?
The first nights meal is usually better then the rest.
This is what I call a good morning.
(the kids and Rick are still asleep...which means quiet, quiet, quiet!)Bing fit in nicely on the trip, or so he thought. The BWCA saw the worst of Bing!! No, we did not tip into the lake, which I am very thankful for, but he was NAUGHTY! It started with him barking non stop at the mounted real wolf in the park ranger station and trying to steal a stuffed animal. Then he proceeded to him struggle against his life vest. Followed by him barking a foot from my face, loudly, across the entire lake. He did not like how Rick and I were separated. I had to paddle with one hand for most of the way, just so he would not jump out. He knows, however, how to take sweet photos. This is a rock he found to rest on.
A couple more BWCA Bing highlights, are him bringing a charred remains of a corn cob (blacker then black) into the tent and settling down for a good chew! Stealing any food or paper item not nailed in a tree. Going after the bear bag, now affectionately referred to as the Bing bag.
The boys and eventually C, loved the tree.
Lake swimming BEFORE we saw the large snapping turtle.
One of nine clubs that C, D and S made while exploring.
The kids had a really fun time exploring our little island. Then with no support or confidence for the boys, C proceeded to catch minnows for fishing in about 3 minutes, all on her own. She's a smart one.

Total Drama Island!!!
Yes, I am weaker then Rick. Yes, Rick is a bad group leader. Yes, we (Rick and I) had a shouting match in the wind and white caps of the lake for the entire BWCA to enjoy. And yes, there were tears.............But we are all OK now. That is why we have referred to this little stop, or I should say literally stranded by the wind and blown to this point, Total Drama Island (after a cartoon the kids watch) Needless to say, Rick would have been voted off the island if he wasn't the only one strong enough to get us back to safety.
When canoeing, if you don't know, which any fool would, you don't want it so windy that there are white caps on the lake and your hair is blowing into your face.
Lichen flowers. Some of my very favorite. The first time I ever saw these were the first time I was in the BWCA. I pause to reflect.
S working on a fire ring before night fall so we will have light, heat and warmth as we are still stranded on Total Drama Island.

Towed to safety. This was a God sent. At least Rick is strong. He paddled 2 canoes, 5 people, 1 dog, and all our crap to our camp sight, and then again, a few hours later after we packed up to go to our last camp site in the BWCA. PHEW!!!! K~


bobbione8y said...

he he.

love Total Drama Island. not the actual one, but the fact that you called it that.

whew. sounds like you need a vacation from that vacation :)

welcome back, i missed you.

Anonymous said...

You should post your story in the trip report contest on