Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When you say Bulk cooking...What exactly do you mean?

More than once, I have tried to bulk cook at my house. I tried again on Monday morning. 1/2 a box of waffle mix and I was able to put 1-1/2 waffles in the fridge for tomorrow. I tried again last night to make some. 1/2 a box later, I again, had 1-1/2 waffles to put in the fridge. All the "left overs" are gone. Now, I ask you, how exactly am I going to store up waffles to keep up with the family. I am actually going to go to the store and comparison shop. Are my homemade waffles cheaper then the frozen ones......really??? K~


bobbione8y said...

home made all the way, girl!

make the full box next time :)

Karen said...

Ha ha ha! Let me know how it turns out, will you?

I think bulk cooking only works if nobody knows you made extra...