Thursday, December 18, 2008

back with the animals....where i belong

Common Loon
Tundra Swan
Well it has been 2 weeks since I was able to help my animal friends. It was so good to get back there. We had a loon, which are such a treat. There were a couple of Tundra swans as well as Trumpeter swans. Our female turkey (the one who ate lead) is doing so much better. She is very feisty and likes to nip at you. I needed to run interference a few times so she could be fed. She also dumped her food all over the floor. She was a handful. We had a sad duck with a broken foot in a cast. It kept trying to get out of it's cage. I hope it is doing better this morning. It just seemed very thirsty. It had dumped it's water right away and was out for quite some time. We got it fresh greens and water, and it ate and ate. We needed to refill before we left. It seemed so happy.
Now I am off to Hopefully finish my shopping. I need to get a few more things. I need to get some food for my zoo, too. Then I get to do some holiday visiting. You know you are busy when you need to put -shower- on your to do list.

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