Monday, December 29, 2008

A really nice time

We had a very nice Christmas together. We spent the Eve at Rick's parents house and the day at our house. C got an American girl doll she named Alice. D got an MP3 player and some Lego's. S got 2 huge Lego sets. I got lots and lots of toys and Rick got something for his car to listen to the radio when he delivers pizza on Friday and Saturday. (That car is now totally broken and is going to the junk yard, but that is another story) My family came over on Christmas Day and we had a nice time. Marilee was unable to make it. She was under the weather, but we had a nice time and it ended around 9 PM. I made crock pot chili, cookies, chocolate silk pie, puppy chow and of course turtles. We had crackers and chips and some yummy dip. It was a snack fest.

Now we are close to New Years Eve. 2009 here we come. I am unsure of my resolution. I never keep them. Let alone remember them. I hope you all have a very nice New Years Eve.

Happy New Year.


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