Thursday, January 22, 2009

squirrely in more ways then one.

Well last night was a bit crazy, but we made it. I worked with the squirrels. They like to make a deep squeak at you. One was going around and around in an odd acrobatic circle. Kind of like the motorcycle in the big ball at the circus. It was, needless to say, entertaining.
Now that i have been on Face book for about 24 hours, I must say that I am not quite sure how to work it. I agree with Bobbi, that it is like I just went back to high school. I got in touch with a beloved friend already. I just love him dearly and am so excited to have been in contact with him. So... that was very neat.
I have to admit that the page looks a bit to disorganized. I get lost on my own page. I hope we can clean that up some how.

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