Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Believe it or not THIS is the bane of my existence. yes he is cute. yes he naps with me (which is a HUGE plus) but...... he has been spending many days and nights at Grandmas house while Grandpa is out of the country. Every time he comes home, we hear a big bang from the dog door and a flurry of activity to follow. The cat is hissing and growling, Bing is barking. He is instantly scouting for food remains and dumping stuff over. He then finds any paper he can sniff out and rips it to shreds. There is the yelling of "Bing down" "Bing, NO!" "Bing, leave her" "Bing, drop it" and of course "Get him, he has something!" Just what every house needs! K~


bobbione8y said...

if that SWEET little face is the bane of your existence,
i think you have a pretty good existence :)

don't listen to her, bing.

K~ said...

Oh he has everyone fooled!!! K~

Karen said...

He's the Bing of your existence!!!

K~ said...

ok that is so fitting!!! He is going to Grandma's tonight. Good thing, we can eat calmly, bad thing, Rick is gone over night. K~