Monday, February 09, 2009

Going a little nuts

Vintage Vertical Stripe pillow.
Well I am going a bit crazy. There is a lot going on for me in the next few days. We are off to the Kalahari in Wisconsin on Thursday. It is a long weekend at a water park. Luckily there is not much for me to do there but sit and read and craft. Then 2 days later it is off to Arizona for 9 days. My dad has surgery on Wednesday this week for Colon Cancer and I am going to be there for the first part of recuperation. That means getting my family ready for that too!! Then.... In April, I get to be a nanny for this little fella in New York for 5 days. Sprinkle in 3 birthday parties, volunteering, Parenting class, Montessori Connections group, my zoo, and what ever else.....well..... I am going to be a bit busy. I feel blessed, however, that I am able to be helpful. K~


Karen said...

Holy cow. I will keep you in my prayers. I'm especially glad that you get to go hang out with your dad.

K~ said...

Oh Thanks so much. I am really glad I get to go down there. Its stressful as you know, but. K~