Thursday, March 26, 2009

A hairy evening at the wrc

1 short tail shrew
1 red squirrel
1 muskrat
2 Virginia Opossum - totally hissed at me! one tried to bite me when I was trying to get his food dish. Luckly I was wearing a heavy leather glove. 2 Eastern Cottontails
5 Grey Squirrels
14 Big brown bats
15 meal worms hand fed with a clamp (like above) and a thick gloved hand.
PER BAT! = about 210 meal worms fed. 400+ meal worms counted, 200+ replaced. Sheesh! It was a long night. I also needed to clean their cage, wipe down their cage, and give them a drink of water with a small syringe.
I was the only one Rabies vaccinated so, it was up to me. I find the power of those little little jaws a bit intimidating. The noise of them chewing a bit eerie, and over all the process to need a bit of patients.
It is rewarding to finish it all up in about 2 1/2 hours.
I have to say. I really enjoy a thankless job. Most of the animals are very crabby at me. They just want to go home. I can understand that.


bobbione8y said...

aw. but bats are great - that might be a few too many for me :)

mine is not here yet, keep waiting for it to be warm enough for him to show up on his front porch "hang out" again this spring :)

love that you do this. i really do.

Karen said...

I have never seen a shrew before!

What is wrong with the bats?